ophthalmoplegic migraine

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oph·thal·mo·ple·gic mi·graine

a form of migraine associated with paralysis of the extraocular muscles.

ophthalmoplegic migraine

Neurology A migraine characterized by repeated headaches lasting up to 1 wk associated with paresis of one or more ocular nerves. Cf Classical migraine.


Paul J., German physician, 1853-1907.
Leyden-Möbius muscular dystrophy - Synonym(s): limb-girdle muscular dystrophy
Möbius sign - impairment of ocular convergence in Graves disease.
Möbius I syndrome - moderate migraine accompanied by extraocular palsy. Synonym(s): occasional oculomotor paralysis; ophthalmoplegic migraine
Möbius II syndrome - a developmental bilateral facial paralysis usualy associated with oculomotor or other neurological disorders.Synonym(s): congenital facial diplegia; developmental bilateral facial paralysis
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