ophthalmoplegia externa

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paralysis of the eye muscles. adj., adj ophthalmople´gic.
ophthalmoplegia exter´na paralysis of the extraocular muscles.
ophthalmoplegia inter´na paralysis of the iris and ciliary apparatus.
nuclear ophthalmoplegia that due to a lesion of nuclei of motor nerves of eye.
Parinaud's ophthalmoplegia Parinaud syndrome.
partial ophthalmoplegia that affecting some of the eye muscles.
progressive ophthalmoplegia gradual paralysis of all the eye muscles.
total ophthalmoplegia paralysis of all the eye muscles, both intraocular and extraocular.
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oph·thal·mo·ple·gi·a ex·ter·'na

paralysis affecting one or more of the extrinsic eye muscles.
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oph·thal·mo·ple·gi·a ex·ter·na

(of-thal'mō-plē'jē-ă eks-ter'nă)
Paralysis affecting one or more of the extrinsic eye muscles.
Synonym(s): external ophthalmoplegia.
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