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Provided with a lid (operculum); denoting members of the mollusk class Gastropoda (snails), subclass Prosobranchiata (operculate snails), and the eggs of certain parasitic worms such as the digenetic trematodes (except the schistosomes) and the broad fish tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium latum.
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Diagnosis of diphyllobothriasis is by identification of operculated eggs on fecal flotation or by identifying the long chains of proglottids segments of the adult worm.
The ova were not operculated and had no bipolar plugs; the thin yellowish shell was not striated, but a knob-like structure was seen laterally.
Shell shape globes, number of whorls 5, umbilicus rimate, shell greenish or brownish with reddish brown bands, dextral, shell is thin and ovately conical, umbilicus narrow but open, whorls convex, sutures are narrowly depressed, height of the spire equal or greater than the height of aperture, sculpture finely striated; aperture almost round and operculated, operculum spiral with concentric growth rings around nucleus, apex very peaky.
Some of these eggs possessed operculated ends, whereas, others had a more pointed appearance.
A total of 460 eggs were isolated of which 108 (30.7%) were operculated, meaning that they were freshly laid eggs, which had not hatched before the host died.
Five of the samples were harvested from totally operculated combs, scraped and sieved in the laboratory; the other five samples were extracted by centrifugation.
Eggs numerous, ovoid, thin shelled, operculated, usually collapsed in mounted specimens, golden yellowish, different in size, measure 0.055-0.065 x 0.030-0.040 mm (measurements of intact eggs).