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(ō-pûr′kyə-lĭt) also


Having an operculum.

o·per′cu·late′ (-lāt′, -lĭt) n.
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borbonica, the same specimen as in b-d from CT scan data showing three operculate locules and four septal lacunac connected by channels to the periphery; o is closcr to the apex, showing germination valves on two of the locules; p shows three locules and four lacunae that open toward the periphery, q-s P.
An operculate nematocyst is triggered to discharge by a cnidocil (Schulze, 1873; Weill, 1934; Chapman and Tilney.
Shell shape discoidal, number of whorls 3, umbilicus perforate, shell pale horn colour, glossy, depressed, dextral, whorls convex, suture well developed, last whorl expanded, periphery rounded to angulated only in last whorl, but not influencing the aperture, aperture is ovate-lunate, non- operculate, umbilicus broad, surface of the shell closely and obliquely striated.
The pollens of F indica were in line with the results of Perveen and Qaiser [8] namely, they are triporate, oblate-spheroidal, pore more or less circular, operculate, annulate sexine thicker than nexine, fossulate-foveolate, and exine is 2.5 [micro]m thick.
Apertures with lids: distribution and significance of operculate pollen in monocotyledons.
Despite this, some systematists continue to refer to operculate forms as Filograna spp.
Asci: 500-600 X 15-17 [mu]m, unitunicate, operculate, hyaline.
of uterine opening (46) M operculate eggs usually longer than 50 [mu]m (47) La adults with pharynx near oral sucker (48) N lamellated walls in protonephridia (49) N cercomer shifted to ventral surface (50) N single medial excretory vesicle opening postero-dorsally
Descriptions and illustrations of radulae and distal genitalia are provided for operculate and stylommatophoran species respectively.