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(ō-pûr′kyə-lĭt) also


Having an operculum.

o·per′cu·late′ (-lāt′, -lĭt) n.
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An operculate nematocyst is triggered to discharge by a cnidocil (Schulze, 1873; Weill, 1934; Chapman and Tilney.
Despite this, some systematists continue to refer to operculate forms as Filograna spp.
Asci: 500-600 X 15-17 [mu]m, unitunicate, operculate, hyaline.
of uterine opening (46) M operculate eggs usually longer than 50 [mu]m (47) La adults with pharynx near oral sucker (48) N lamellated walls in protonephridia (49) N cercomer shifted to ventral surface (50) N single medial excretory vesicle opening postero-dorsally
Descriptions and illustrations of radulae and distal genitalia are provided for operculate and stylommatophoran species respectively.
In his concept of the Pezizales Korf [10] placed those operculate discomycetes that are fimicolous with ascocarps reduced in size and complexity, possessing non-amyloid, with smooth, hyaline ascospores in the Pyronemataceae tribe Theleboleae while Eckblad [8] would treat this taxon at the family level.