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Relating to an operculum.


Relating to an operculum.


(ō-pĕr′kū-lŭm) plural.opercula [L., a cover]
1. Any lid or covering.
2. The narrow opening at the top of the thoracic cage bordered by the sternum and first ribs.
3. The plug of mucus that fills the opening of the cervix on impregnation.
4. The convolutions of the cerebrum, the margins of which are separated by the lateral cerebral (sylvian) fissure. The opercula cover the insula. opercular (ō-pĕr′kū-lăr), adjective

dental operculum

The soft tissue overlying the crown of a partially erupted tooth.

trophoblastic operculum

The plug of fibrin that covers the opening in the endometrium made by implantation of the blastocyst.
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an= antheridium, ar= archaegonium, cb= basal cell, cm= medial cell, co= opercular cell, p= hairs, zm= meristematic zone.
Even the paired radiolar or opercular compound eyes (type CP/oC) lack the organization or facet counts required for resolving vision.
MR of the cerebral operculum: Abnormal opercular formation in infants and children.
The observed changes were increased opercular beat, inquietude, pitch capacity loss and oxygen search at the water-air interface, within all assessments.
They mainly supply the inferior frontal cortex, the frontal opercular cortex, and also the cortex in parietal and central sulcus areas.
The parasite can also impede opercular respiratory movements [16].
Table 1: Outcome analysis of the cases Parameters Frequency % GCS Mild 12 46 Moderate 6 23 Severe 8 31 Sex Male 23 88 Female 3 12 Site Left 15 58 Right 10 38 Bilateral 1 4 Contracoup injury Yes 8 31 No 18 69 Associated injury Yes 20 77 No 6 23 Management Conservative 15 57 Craniotomy 9 34 Drakes 2 9 GOS 5 6 23 4 11 42 3 6 23 1 3 12 Neurological deficits Nil 17 65 Hemiparesis 3 11 Opercular syndrome 3 11 Length of stay (days) Minimum 2 Maximum 52 Age (years) Minimum 5 Maximum 78 Figure 4: Male:female ratio (in %).
In Atlantic salmon, the electrical stunning also stopped opercular movements (Robb & Roth, 2003), which may explain the immediate loss of consciousness of pacu after application of alternating (AC) or direct (DC) current.
3% HL); dorsal margin of opercular flap extending posteroventrally at a 25[degrees] angle to horizontal midline of the body, posterior margin of opercular flap straight, curving ventrally; opercular spines 2, dorsal spine stronger than ventral; preopercular spines 5, of which dorsal 3 are moderately developed, third largest, fourth weak and fifth very weak.
Cada uno de los peces (con medidas biometricas promedio: 5,2 [+ o -] 1,30 cm y masa 6,01 [+ o -] 1,15 gr) segun su condicion (expuestos y controles) fueron rapidamente decapitados mediante un corte en la zona inmediatamente posterior a la region opercular, luego se procedio a realizar una incision desde la region dorsal hasta la zona del pedunculo caudal, para abrir el animal y exponer la cavidad abdominal para extraer el pronefros, el cual fue procesado con tecnicas convencionales para microscopia electronica de transmision.