adj a characteristic of esoteric forms of faith healing that cannot be verified scientifically because the healing process depends largely on the special skills of the practitioner that preclude systemic investigation.
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So GSA may be considered as an alternative to US Pachymetry, thus avoiding operator-dependent errors, patient discomfort and other disadvantages.
When integrated into a single product, the Miroculus-Kapplex technology will enable clinicians to detect complex conditions, like cancer or infectious diseases, in a minimally invasive way, allowing patients to be diagnosed without experiencing invasive, operator-dependent, expensive procedures like endoscopies or biopsies, among others.
Also, ultrasonography is an operator-dependent modality and the diagnostic values are different in various studies.
Ultrasound is the most operator-dependent imaging modality.
They drive a repeatable, consistent process by minimizing the variability that can occur when the process becomes setup or operator-dependent.
Manufacturers of hospital glucose meters have made significant design impr ovements which have arguably increased quality, mainly by decreasing operator-dependent errors.
Operator-dependent events associated with staff activities outside the standard workflow.
The indices ranged in level of difficulty to performfrom automatic (PVI, noninvasively obtained via the Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter) to invasive (DeltaPP, respiratory variations in arterial pulse pressure obtained via arterial catheter) to operator-dependent (CO, cardiac output obtained via echocardiography).
Non-destructive testing and inspection procedures are highly operator-dependent, relying upon the skills and experience of NDT technicians to obtain and evaluate results, and all members of the Keighley Labs team are certificated to a minimum of PCN Level 2, an internationally recognised symbol of competence.
We have a lot of information that adenoma detection is operator-dependent and varies dramatically between endoscopists.
Ultrasound is also operator-dependent, and the surgeon is rarely able to objectively review the study independently.

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