adj a characteristic of esoteric forms of faith healing that cannot be verified scientifically because the healing process depends largely on the special skills of the practitioner that preclude systemic investigation.
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Moreover, lateral flow tests are extremely easy to use and have minimal operator-dependent steps and interpretation, hence propelling the demand for lateral flow test kits in Asia Pacific.
The problem currently faced by the automotive industry is that most techniques that fall within the accepted leak detection sensitivity requirements are based on manual intensive and operator-dependent tasks.
Ultrasound is the most operator-dependent imaging modality.
They drive a repeatable, consistent process by minimizing the variability that can occur when the process becomes setup or operator-dependent.
Manufacturers of hospital glucose meters have made significant design impr ovements which have arguably increased quality, mainly by decreasing operator-dependent errors.
Operator-dependent events associated with staff activities outside the standard workflow.
The indices ranged in level of difficulty to performfrom automatic (PVI, noninvasively obtained via the Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeter) to invasive (DeltaPP, respiratory variations in arterial pulse pressure obtained via arterial catheter) to operator-dependent (CO, cardiac output obtained via echocardiography).
We have a lot of information that adenoma detection is operator-dependent and varies dramatically between endoscopists.
Ultrasound is also operator-dependent, and the surgeon is rarely able to objectively review the study independently.
Operators offer a mobile network based positioning service, MPS (Mobile Positioning System) for mobile devices, which is operator-dependent and almost impossible to use when moving from one operator's network to another's.
However, this technique is operator-dependent, and, when extensive intraabdominal involvement is suspected, or the diagnosis is unclear, CT may be necessary.
and echography practitioner Greenberg note that the technique of ophthalmic ultrasound, although an important new tool in tissue evaluation and such conditions as thyroid eye disease and diagnosis of an orbital mass, is extremely operator-dependent.

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