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Risk factors, mechanisms of injury and anatomic junctions are well defined, so developed operative techniques must: achieve isometry, strength, prevent redislocations, minimize complications and improve patients' quality of life [41-46].
Representatives from companies such as DePuy, Smith & Nephew and Zimmer will lead discussions such as how to tackle issues at stake for the industry's future regarding market trends, pricing, innovation processes, R&D and evolutions in operative technique. Furthermore, examination will be given to differences between the American and European device markets.
NEW YORK -- A new endoscopy-supported operative technique in which lymph nodes are dissected without axillary incision is feasible, safe, and appears to result in both fewer lymph seromas and dramatically improved arm mobility for breast cancer surgery patients.
Male to female conversions are generally more successful in terms of operative technique and patient satisfaction in cosmetic appearance and sexual rehabilitation.
"It was not so much a disaster waiting to happen, but in theatre he didn't even use his own operative technique and after that very unfortunately did not recognise early enough that things had gone wrong and that necrosis (death of tissue) had set in.
He is famous for developing a highly successful operative technique to treat a Popliteal Aneurysm (a weakened artery wall behind the knee) which was often fatal.
Moreover, we have no comparison to prove the superiority of our operative technique against the traditional open technique.
With regard to the teaching of undergraduate surgery, there is a lot of uncertainty as to how much operative technique a student should know.
Pedrozo said the respondents failed to submit after five working days their affidavits and documents such as the cardiopulmonary clearance, documents stating the surgical operative technique, complete hospital chart and progress notes of the patient.
Operative Technique: Standard cardiopulmonary bypass was established in every patient using bicaval venus cannulation and ascending aortic cannulation.
There was a statistically significant difference in age among the patients treated with standard operative technique and standard graft (group I) and those with hamstring graft tendon and standard operative technique (group II), as well as between group I patients and those with bone-hamstring tendon-bone graft and hybrid operative method (group III patients) presented as t=1.9695 and p=0.0545 and t=2.1544 and p=0.0372, respectively.
Data was collected about demographics, indication for colostomy and urgency, details of colostomy reversal, including pre-operative variables, like American Society of Anaesthesiology (ASA) scoring, antibiotic use, and bowel preparation, presence of confounders such as smoking and diabetes mellitus, intra-operative variables like operative technique, staple vs.