operating table

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op·er·at·ing ta·ble

a table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation.


pertaining to operative surgery.

operating room
a room set aside in which to perform surgical operations. Called also operating theater.
operating room emergency
when a patient in the room is suddenly involved in a life threatening situation.
operating table
designed for operative surgery with maximum flexibility to permit optimum positioning of the patient.
operating theater
room devoted to the conduct of veterinary surgery.
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Amr El Shawarby, Chief Neurosurgery and Senior Consultant at Tawam Hospital, said: "Spinal injuries including fracture dislocations of the cervical spine are very difficult to treat on a flat, immobile operating table.
In a traditional operating scenario, a patient would be admitted to a ward where they would get into a bed -- before being transferred to a trolley to be wheeled into the operating theatre and transferred to the operating table.
Option A) operating table, such as a mobile system with interchangeable plates (mobile versions without the "built-in" basis - mobile table leg system weighing operating panels, including cable and battery charger), the base table (chassis, column) - Cell without transport truck (eg.
Tonight's season premiere opens with a tease suggested by last year's finale, a bold move that might have really shaken the show up - Nate (Peter Krause) dies on the operating table.
A week later, Noyes lay on an operating table only a few yards away from Janie Plance on another operating table at Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center in Los Angeles early on the morning of Oct.
a professor, cardiovascular surgeon and Chief Clinical Officer for CVBT stated, "I have seen many of these patients on the operating table, where there was nothing we could do surgically to restore blood flow in their legs, leaving amputation as the only option.
Contract awarded for mat leatherette, waterproof operating table including, bras to place the patient in lateral ulna, left and right.
From ambulance to operating table to a battery of X-rays, blood tests, CAT scans and myriad medical checks, the boy got care from 17 surgeons, doctors, nurses, X-ray technicians, anesthesiologists and other medical staff in just 24 minutes.
Until now, doctors were almost never able to confirm whether bypass surgery had been successful while the patient was still on the operating table.
PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS/INNOVATION II-14Berchtold Redesigns OPERON Branded Surgical Tables II-14Denyers Introduces New Electrical Operating Table - XRT1500 II-14TRUMPF Medical Systems Introduces New Mobile Operating Table -TITAN II-14Berchtold Introduces New Operating Table - OPERON D 820 II-14TRUMPF Medical Systems Launches New Operating Table System -TruSystem 5500 II-15TRUMPF Medical Systems Re-launches Saturn Select II-15HOERBIGER Micro Fluid Unveils Operating Table Lifting Column II-15
The medical staff quickly popped the thumb into place, then Thomas headed for the operating table.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: providing an operating table maquet brand transfer carriage.

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