operating table

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op·er·at·ing ta·ble

a table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation.


pertaining to operative surgery.

operating room
a room set aside in which to perform surgical operations. Called also operating theater.
operating room emergency
when a patient in the room is suddenly involved in a life threatening situation.
operating table
designed for operative surgery with maximum flexibility to permit optimum positioning of the patient.
operating theater
room devoted to the conduct of veterinary surgery.
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In conjunction, the company's newly introduced TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table features ergonomic handling, long-term reliability and patient safety.
The latest operating tables, for example, offer numerous functions for precise handling of the patient, but need to be efficient and cost-effective.
Amr El Shawarby, Chief Neurosurgery and Senior Consultant at Tawam Hospital, said: "Spinal injuries including fracture dislocations of the cervical spine are very difficult to treat on a flat, immobile operating table.
Staff nurse Yvonne Dunn claimed Galea "goosed" her with both hands as she lifted an unconscious patient from a trolley onto an operating table.
For the operating theaters of the Pius-Hospital Oldenburg, six operating tables including operating room and operating surface transporters will be procured.
The Side-Kick is attached to either side of the operating table rail behind the leg stirrup attachment.
Orlan allows herself to be given local anesthesia only, and thus is able, from the operating table, to direct the transformation of the surgical theater into a sort of theatre burlesque.
Contract notice: supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of platter operating tables and provision of multi-brand operating table cushions.
The Mobetron Operating Table is custom-designed to allow doctors to administer care in the most effective way possible with the Mobetron device.

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