operating table

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op·er·at·ing ta·ble

a table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation.
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It takes some time to sort out what has to be purchased, the ministry said, adding that there is insufficient medical staff due to bad relationships at the clinic."The purchase of operating tables has been prolonged because the communication on the side of the clinic has stalled," said Jozef Raacute#382, a secretary to the chief of staff at the Health Ministry, as quoted by Sme, adding that it may take three months to receive new tables.
In conjunction, the company's newly introduced TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table features ergonomic handling, long-term reliability and patient safety.
Typically, the arm has to be immune to magnetic resonance and X-rays and so sensors cannot be used in the area directly above the operating table. This means direct measurement of the angular movements of the arm with angle sensors is not possible.
The operating table, the first of its kind in the Middle East, is proving particularly beneficial for spinal injuries, including complex dislocations of the cervical spine, which are most commonly associated with trauma patients from road traffic accidents.
Doctors in North Shields were unable to resuscitate the teenager after he suffered several heart attacks while on the operating table.
She is believed to have slipped off the operating table as it was being tilted and was caught by the ankles by a surgeon, but she hit her head on the tiled floor.
He had "died" on the operating table for 10 minutes.
A complex structure unifies the operating table and robotic arms into a single "smart" system that transmits information to the surgeon's console.
A Scots drugs smuggler had a 12-hour heart by-pass CHAINED to the operating table.
But it would have been an appalling illustration of the state's coercive power had the prosecutor's office prevailed, restraining Bricci all the way to the operating table.
Most of the time, surgeons carve these implants to fit a particular larynx while the patient lies on the operating table. But Cummings and his colleagues instead offer patients five sizes of preformed implants.
The De Mayo Knee Positioner is secured to the OR table by the De Mayo Push Button Clamp, an operating table rail clamp that significantly decreases OR set-up time.

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