operating system

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operating system (OS)

the main system programs of a computer that manage the hardware and application resources, including data input and output. Applications require an operating system to support and enable their function.
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have deployed this solution utilizing Windows(R) operating system since February 2006, and the company is now promoting the desktop Linux OS version to worldwide education markets.
Superior performance: XenEnterprise offers near-native performance and fine-grained resource control for guest virtual servers, and virtualizes all x86 operating systems, leveraging the hardware virtualization capabilities of Intel(R) VT and AMD SVM enabled processors.
In addition to making SUSE LINUX available for the operating system, Teradata already offers tools and utilities products that provide the load and access connectivity to user applications on both SUSE LINUX and Red Hat Linux.
Ardence said that as of Nov 1, 2005 it will no longer resell licenses of Microsoft's embedded operating systems, enabling a sharper focus on carrying out the strategic plan to enhance its own embedded software products by developing and delivering more valuable features and functionality.
0 features support for SMP guest operating systems, and can take advantage of 64-bit processors as well as supporting Physical Address Extensions (PAE) for 32 bit servers with more than 4 GB of memory.
Established in 1988, the company is a technology leader in the real-time operating systems (RTOS) industry and a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium (ELC).
Like a padded cell, INTEGRITY PC prevents Linux, non-memory-protected operating systems such as Wind River's legacy VxWorks, and other insecure and unreliable software from harming the rest of a system while also limiting the harm it can do to itself," explained Dan O'Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software.
Storage appliances based on a NAS-specific, storage-centric operating system have been designed to address the NAS requirement to support multiple file-sharing protocols and multiple operating system semantics.
Windows 98 is the next version of the operating system for personal computers that use single Intel processors.
11, you are running what the industry calls a 16-bit operating system.
Its natural network connectivity and crash resistance make it an operating system to consider.
ROM storage usually contains instructions the computer needs to operate, such as parts of the operating system.

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