earnings report

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earnings report,

n a statement issued by a company showing its earnings or losses over a given period. The earnings report lists the income earned, expenses, and net result. Also called
income statement.
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NCB, FSB, the master servicer, provided year-end (YE) 2004 operating statements on 100% of the outstanding loans.
The master servicer, NCB, FSB, collected operating statements for year-end (YE) 2004 on 91% of the loans remaining in the pool.
NCB, FSB, the master servicer, received year-end (YE) 2004 operating statements on approximately 68% of the outstanding balance.
Once made, the loan is monitored on "autopilot" -- that is, unless the loan becomes delinquent or the borrower wants to renegotiate its terms, the lender rarely reviews it, inspects the property or looks at operating statements or the borrower's financial information.
11, Measurement Focus and Basis of Accounting--Governmental Fund Operating Statements, requires state and local government entities to use an accrual basis of accounting in order to recognize government fund revenues and expenditures.
ORIX Real Estate Capital Markets, LLC, the master servicer, collected year-end (YE) 2004 operating statements for 100% of the loans in the pool.
NET technology, the Quorum Upstream Software Suite includes Land & Lease Management, Division Order, Volume Management (FDC, Production Allocation), Production & Revenue Accounting, Gas Marketing, Cost Accounting (JIB, AFE, FA), Core Financials (GL, AP, AR), and Lease Operating Statements.
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