operating room technician

op·er·at·ing room tech·ni·cian

(op'ĕr-āt-ing rūm tek-nish'ŭn)
The member of the surgical team who assists in preparing the operating room for surgery and performing other tasks (i.e., arranging equipment, assisting doctors in passing instruments). Training programs last 1 to 2 years. At the end of the training period, students must pass an examination by the Association of Surgical Technologists to become certified.
Synonym(s): surgical technician, surgical technologist.
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Edwards was an operating room technician at Sparta Community Hospital for 49 years.
Matthew was an operating room technician at the university's hospital.
Matthew, an operating room technician at the university's hospital who sometimes drives a taxi, had been drinking at the bar earlier that night before he encountered Graham, Cunningham has said.
Bean hi Dedham, and an Operating Room Technician at Milton Hospital in Milton, MA.
That's what we're here for," said Senior Airman Jonnar Morale, FST operating room technician. "I know we've saved a lot of people, but that one really stands out in my mind."
He was an Army medic, serving as an operating room technician at Fort Carson, Colo.
Andrew Elkwood and Operating Room Technician Britney Assal and the team operated on five Palestinian Children in Almakassed Hospital in Jerusalem."We did only 5 cases in one week.
Kristine Fleming (left), operating room technician, and Master Sgt.
The anesthesiologists and nurses put together a group of representatives including an anesthesiologist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, an operating room nurse, and operating room technician, an information system technician, the operating room scheduler, high-volume surgeons from the general and specialty services, and a member of the finance department.
He completed two years' National Service as an operating room technician in the medical service of the Royal Navy.
31, 2000, operating room technician Jeff Barnett said he and Dr.