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The main attributes of the wearable prototype, OperaBLE, are listed in Table 1.
Although not operable at the end of the year, Shoreham is counted as operable during 1989.
90[degrees] operable skylights lift a glazed unit, or "lid" straight up vertically depending on the application.
To gauge current attitudes on the topic, the speakers are conducting a survey with healthcare designers, engineers, staff, administrators, and building operators to identify the current limitations and opportunities in providing operable windows in multiple areas of a healthcare setting.
"While operable windows are a simple device, you are dependent on wind or temperature differences to create buoyancy for air movement to flow through your building," notes Michael Frank, director of engineering with the firm McKinstry.
(B&M) and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) for partial reimbursement of EPA's past costs, and for full payment and performance of future cleanup work at the Iron Horse Park Superfund Site, Operable Unit 4, in Billerica, Mass.
Relying on your building's HVAC system may guarantee the conditions in your building remain constant, but introducing high-performance operable windows can provide the same benefit - and more.
Beyond its truly energizing and inspiring lobby, the property also features new, operable windows, high ceilings, dramatic views of Manhattan, access to power\broadband and superior telecommunications service, and transportation options that make The Factory as close a commute to Grand Central as Wall Street.
9,955,304, issued on April 24th, covering a means for tracking the position of devices that are intermittently operable. In short, this invention specifies the processes and methods by which a centralized, cloud-based server collects and processes data from an iPass SmartConnect-enabled device in order to establish the exact geographic position of the device at a precise time.
This portion of the site is known as the Boundary Operable Unit.