opening movement

o·pen·ing move·ment

in dentistry, movement of the mandible executed during jaw separation.

o·pen·ing move·ment

(ōpĕn-ing mūvmĕnt)
In dentistry, movement of mandible executed during jaw separation.

opening movement,

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The opening movement (Reveries) was the most disappointing of the performance, although some in the audience burst into spontaneous applause.
Borodin's Piano Quintet in C Minor is an early work with a song-like opening movement.
00 - the opening movement in the direction of the airport one lane in the direction of Moscow - without restrictions.
This near two-hour work can sprawl and exasperate, with an opening movement the length of a mature Beethoven symphony and ending with a finale into which a complete Haydn symphony could be fitted.
There were musical echoes in the form of the trumpet section playing outside the Hall in the slow, pastoral opening movement, before the speed and enthusiasm increased with a movement built around an Austrian waltz.
Whether or not it had any forests and frozen lakes, the landscape evoked in this performance of Sibelius's Fifth had plenty of loneliness and desolation, especially in the opening movement.
Vigil' is the gloriously uplifting first single, sounding like the opening movement of a rock n' roll symphony.
And the opening movement, e Singing of the Names, is in subject matter, intensely emotional.
There's a neo-Baroque opening movement showcasing two violins, mostly in their upper registers; an episode for solo viola that alternates brooding, lyrical lines with buzzing, quicksilver exchanges with the orchestra; a discursive section for solo cello; a concise "microconcerto'' for double bass; and everything wraps up with a final fugue.
He almost thumped out the opening movement - a deliberate approach which highlighted the contrast with the tender sections which followed, in particular the lyrical combination of piano and solo cello.
Once inside the tool area, a further high specification servo controlled axis follows the continued opening movement and removes the moulded product prior to receiving the mould open signal via the Euromap.
She brought a peculiar intensity to the opening movement, the Andante tranquillo, conversing gently with the orchestra and fading to a sublime pianissimo final cadence.