open-circuit spirometry

o·pen-cir·cuit spi·rom·e·try

(ō'pĕn-sĭr'kĭt spī-rom'ĕ-trē)
Measurement of the volume and rate of respiratory air flow by a device into which the subject expels inspired room air.
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Familiarization involved walking on a treadmill for 5-10 min while wearing the open-circuit spirometry system across a range of speeds.
Participants were fitted with the open-circuit spirometry system and sat quietly for 5 min to generate an estimate of resting oxygen uptake--we used this value only to ensure that participants were adequately rested between the trials described later.
In order to avoid interference during game play, the hose attached to the mouthpiece used for open-circuit spirometry was secured.
Open-circuit spirometry was conducted using a Cosmed K4b2 portable gas analysis system (Cosmed K4b2, Rome, Italy), due to the nature of Prusik climbing and the accuracy and validity of this apparatus relative to standard laboratory-based approaches (15).