open-angle glaucoma

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o·pen-·an·gle glau·co·ma

primary glaucoma in which the aqueous humor has free access to the trabecular meshwork.
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o·pen-an·gle glau·co·ma

(ō'pĕn-ang'gĕl glaw-kō'mă)
This most prevalent form of the disease is sometimes called 'the thief in the night.' The flow of aqueous humor is slowed or completely stopped by an obstruction in the trabecular network.
Synonym(s): simple glaucoma, glaucoma simplex.
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open-angle glaucoma

A condition in which the pressure of the fluid within the eye is increased to a damaging degree, but in which there is no apparent mechanical obstruction to the outflow of fluid through the normal drainage channel. This is the common type of GLAUCOMA, symptomless until a late stage and responsible for much avoidable blindness. Also known as chronic simple glaucoma.
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