open system

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o·pen sys·tem

a system in which there is a continual exchange of material, energy, and information with the environment.
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These attributes are the key components of an open system. The benefits are that any element of a system can be updated or upgraded from multiple vendors, which ultimately lowers costs due to the multiple sources of supply.
One of the hottest topics for designers and developers these days is the promise of open systems. For a generation, product advancements in control software, motion control cards and modules, VCRs, and mobile phones have all been hobbled by the promise of profit in proprietary systems.
The LynxOS real-time operating system was selected for the IDM upgrade program because it uniquely supported open systems standards such as IEEE 1003.1 (POSIX), and BSD 4.4 socket network interfaces.
"We hope the one-nation, two system policy will function smoothly and that Macao will maintain its free and open system," a Japanese Foreign Ministry official quoted Obuchi as telling Vieira in a meeting at the premier's official residence.
When Martins tried the same thing with lizard push-ups, she found an open system. in fact, the lizard results matched the chickadees'.
"Now that I see all it does for us, I'd never go back to an open system," he says.
To cope with these requirements, we ask system designers to identify the axes of variability for their open system. Based on these axes, we specify the following three guidelines for designing an open system architecture (each introducing an extra level of tailorability for addressing an open system requirement):
This model considers organizations to be open systems comprised of three major interactive components: inputs, throughputs, and outputs puts (Figure 1).
The second criterion of an open system addresses achievement and maintenance of steady or homeostatic states, such that intrusion of external stimuli will not disrupt the internal order of things.
"This is done by using open systems. Simply put, open systems mean you can move to the latest software without buying new hardware and vice versa - move to the latest hardware without buying new software."
Spinola, "Clearly, an open system of exchange makes the industry more efficient because brokers will spend less time looking for exclusive listings, and more time closing deals."
The Haake PolyLab open system (OS) platform is a torque rheometer system designed specifically for polymer processing applications.

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