open skill

o·pen skill

(ō'pĕn skil)
One of a series of movement patterns performed in an unpredictable environment such that the individual must adapt movements in response to changes within the environment (e.g., playing soccer, riding a bicycle over a trail).
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Summary: New Delhi[India], February 02 (ANI): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday congratulated Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for announcing to open skill development centers in the state.
Except for Motivational General-Mastery for open skill sports, responses exhibited greater frequency of imagery use among male athletes in this sample compared to female athletes.
Currently, agility is considered an open skill and was recently defined as a change in velocity or direction in response to a stimulus that cannot be pre-planned (Sheppard et al.
The contractor will be required to participate in successive hours of physically demanding intense open-skill practice participating in multiple impact resistance suit scenarios, culminating in a both a closed and open skill testing of each student.
2006, Attention in athletes of high and low experience engaged in different open skill sports.
There appeared to be some support for the contextual interference effect when sports skills were assessed in an open skill environment, which were similar to a real game situation.
Lidor et al (2007) also suggest that physical and motor tests do not reflect open skill ability in volleyball.
2008) Influence of closed skill and open skill warm-ups on the performance of speed, change of direction speed, vertical jump, and reactive agility in team sport athletes.
Field dependence-independence and sports with a preponderance of closed or open skill.
A closed skill, such as the power clean, will not transfer to any open skill used to play football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport.
However, it is not clear how young soccer players open skills develop or how traditional tests are related to soccer-specific skills measured in open skill environment.
Sports with a preponderance of open skill are those that take place in relatively unpredictable and changeable situations (Poulton, 1957).