open reading frame

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o·pen read·ing frame

a gene presumed to code for a protein but for which no gene product has been identified; also known as unidentified reading frame.
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open reading frame

In RNA, a sequence of base pair triplets (codons) with no introns, which is translatable into a protein.
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open reading frame (ORF)

a sequence of NUCLEOTIDE bases between an INITIATION CODON and a TERMINATION CODON, with the potential to be translated into a POLYPEPTIDE. Not all ORFs, especially the short ones, correspond to genes.
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Gene ID of viral genes (nucleotide base numbers for complete genome) FMD serotypes Type O Type A VP1 HM143846.1 GU441855.1 2B NC_004004.1 (3918-4379) KC588943.1 (3950-4411) 3D KF1 12888.1 (7145-7880) KC588943.1 (7148-7883) PRRS serotypes North America 1 North America 2 ORF5 DQ473474.1 (13788-14390) KF555450.1 (13395-13997) ORF6 DQ473474.1 (14375-14899) KF555450.1 (13982-14506) ORF7 DQ473474.1 (14889-15260) KF555450.1 (14496-14867) FMD serotypes Type Asia 1 VP1 DQ121129.1 2B JF739177.1 (3947-4408) 3D JF739177.1 (7145-7880) PRRS serotypes Korean ORF5 AY585241.1 (13788-14390) ORF6 AY585241.1 (14375-14899) ORF7 AY585241.1 (14889-15260) ORF, open reading frame. Table 3.
Read mappings from the (A) Templiphi-generated muscle library for the coI open reading frame, (B) nd4 open reading frame, (C) D-loop, and (D) nd6 open reading frame.
It includes a CpG-rich bidirectional promoter and 2 open reading frames for ORF1p and ORF2p proteins.
Onate, "Evaluation of protective effect of DNA vaccines encoding the BAB1 0263 and BAB1 0278 open reading frames of Brucella abortus in BALB/c mice," Vaccine, vol.
Vidal, Braun, Hill and their colleagues systematically ran these open reading frames through a high quality protein-interaction screening process, based on a test known as the yeast two-hybrid screen.
Sequence analysis of one clone revealed an open reading frame (ORF) with significant similarity to a class of proteins known as ABC (ATP binding cassette) transporters.
This new method enabled them to use not just one, but multiple thresholds of the open reading frame (ORF) groups between the ''three domains'' of eukarya, archaea and bacteria, the report said.
Pat Brown of Stanford University) which consist of every open reading frame from the b udding yeast S.
corymbosa maintains an apparently functional rbcL gene, with statistical analysis suggesting that the open reading frame (ORF) is being retained because of functional constraint rather than chance.
The 17-kDa gene exhibited no mutations along its 480-nt open reading frame (ORF), whereas the gltA gene exhibited 3 mutations along its 1,314-nt ORF.
The expression vector of recombinant SPLUNC1 protein was constructed by inserting full length SPLUNC1 open reading frame (ORF) into pPIC9K plasmid (Invitrogen, China).