open reading frame

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o·pen read·ing frame

a gene presumed to code for a protein but for which no gene product has been identified; also known as unidentified reading frame.

open reading frame

In RNA, a sequence of base pair triplets (codons) with no introns, which is translatable into a protein.

open reading frame (ORF)

a sequence of NUCLEOTIDE bases between an INITIATION CODON and a TERMINATION CODON, with the potential to be translated into a POLYPEPTIDE. Not all ORFs, especially the short ones, correspond to genes.
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Maximum-likelihood phylogenetic analyses were performed by using full-length open reading frame nucleotide sequences of V585 and other group A rotavirus strains (online Technical Appendix).
In line with our data, nucleotide (and amino acid) sequence identities of 50%-53% (42%-49%), 51% 57% (42%-55%), and 45%-46% (20%-29%) were reported for open reading frame (ORF) 1, ORF-2, and ORF-3, respectively, between rat, human, and avian HEV strains (1).
In case-patient 1 reported here, HEV sequences recovered from serum and CSF were 100% identical; nevertheless, they were compared on a short open reading frame 2 fragment (106 nt) and on samples collected at time of acute hepatitis E, whereas comparison was performed 33 months postacute hepatitis in the case reported by Kamar et al.
Translational attenuation occurs when the translation of one open reading frame alleviates inhibitory secondary structures in a downstream open reading frame.
Invitrogen is a leading provider of recombinant cloning and protein expression products, as well as the premier provider of the largest fully sequenced human open reading frame clone collections.
The goal of the MGC project, a trans-NIH initiative co-managed by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), is to identify and sequence representative full open reading frame (ORF) cDNA clones for all human and mouse genes, as well as a subset of rat genes.
With the open reading frame 1, spike, envelope, membrane, and nucleocapsid gene segments and NS7 accessory gene phylogenetic trees, the US PDCoV strains clustered separately from the China PDCoV strains (Figure, panel B).
From building open reading frame clone collections and cDNA libraries, to protein detection, purification and production, Gateway(R) plays a vital role.
The open reading frame (ORF) 1a gene was used for confirmation as recommended by the World Health Organization(www.
It was very surprising and exciting to discover that ARFs can be better immunogens and targets than the protein derived from the main open reading frame of a gene.
contigs Range of matching contig lengths, Alphacoronavirus gene alphacoronaviruses bp Open reading frame lab 33 182-1054 Spike protein 5 580-1629 Matrix 4 251-840 Nucleocapsid 4 536-890 Highest scoring BLASTn hit recorded against Alphacoronavirus gene alphacoronaviruses e-value Nucleotide identity (%) ([dagger]) Open reading frame lab 8 x [10.