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o·pen sys·tem

a system in which there is a continual exchange of material, energy, and information with the environment.
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(1) Open interfaces between the master and slave stations of the base station defined by the "O-RAN Alliance" (Open Radio Access Network Alliance)
open interface. The company said the solution integrates a beamforming active
In addition, an "Open Interface" view to achieve a user-based, adaptable simulation is built into PULSim (see Section 4).
- The open interfaces of the ADTRAN MSANs also support third-party developed ONTs and Wi-Fi integrated residential gateways.
The average compositions of the alloy films and the metal support including closed, partially open, and open interface structures were determined by EDS scan analyses.
With regards to the issue of 'lack of open standards' a key event occurred during IFSEC '08.Three leading vendors of network video products -- Sony, Axis and Bosch -- began working collaboratively to establish a global open interface standard.
Communicates in real-time using Fuji Open Interface. Downloads program data directly from Fuji Flexa.
Among the many benefits to customers are greater database connectivity, an open interface and enhanced software capabilities.
-- Tools to Create New Communities and Community Services -- including user communities, wikis, file sharing, blog integration, and an open interface to build and expand on these services.
It employs a powerful image processing engine, which also supports customer-defined image algorithms, to guarantee uninterrupted data delivery to the print engine, whose open interface supports either inkjet or thermal print heads.
It also includes a paint-effects feature and an open interface for programming and scripting.