open hospital

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an institution for the care and treatment of the acutely sick and injured.
day hospital a facility that offers professional health care, such as psychiatric care or rehabilitation services, to individuals who require services but are able to return to their homes overnight.
hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee a committee established in 1991 by the United States Government with members appointed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. It provides advice and guidance related to isolation practices and serves as an advisory committee to the centers for disease control and prevention for updating guidelines and policy statements related to control of nosocomial infection.
open hospital
1. a mental hospital, or section of a hospital, without locked doors or other forms of physical restraint.
2. a hospital to which health care providers who are not staff members may send their own patients and supervise their treatment.

o·pen hos·pi·tal

a hospital where all physicians, not only members of the regular staff, or those on a selective membership list, are permitted to send their patients and control their treatment; extremely rare, because most hospitals limit physician access in some measure.

o·pen hos·pi·tal

(ō'pĕn hos'pi-tăl)
A health care facility where all physicians, not only members of the regular staff, are permitted to send their patients and control their treatment.
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The resolution of these observed changes in risk-adjusted mortality rates may be related to increased cooperation between obstetric departments in the city, increased monitoring of the obstetric care delivery system by the public health department, or adaptive changes within the remaining open hospitals to cope with the increased volume of deliveries.
In response to the reports that the current Samajwadi Party government wishes to open hospitals and educational institutions inside the parks and statue premises, I feel this step is not only wrong but also not in compliance to law.
Funds will be used to open hospitals and healthcare centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the company plans to boost its current staff of about 5,000 employees by 10 per cent this year, Shetty said.
Bowden admitted that a recent evaluation criticised the UN for delays in delivering aid, but said that the report's findings indicated that once it reached people, assistance had proved invaluable in helping them, and the UN had also worked to open hospitals and other services essential to providing lifesaving services.
Currently, regular businesses are allowed to open on Al Estiqlal Highway, but we see Buhair as a potential place for the private sector to open hospitals and clinics.
Egypt will open hospitals, schools and a university in South Sudan" he added.
Emaar Healthcare Group joined hands with Methodist International in the US to open hospitals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Turkey, and Emaar Education announced plans to launch a Hospitality Training Institute, and expanded its geographic reach to Saudi Arabia.