open focus

open focus,

n feature of some meditation traditions in which the individual maintains a nonreactive awareness of thoughts, emotions, and environmental stimuli.
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Brown and Gerbarg offer new techniques to dissolve or reduce pain with three powerful practices: Breath~Body~Mind, Qigong, and Open Focus for pain reduction.
Open Focus - Learn a simple but powerful relaxation technique pioneered by Les Fehmi.
Run an open focus group or forum to give employees an opportunity to express opinions and exchange ideas.
Designed by Italian outfit Pininfarina, the open Focus has unique rear lights and front bumper to give it a bit of extra style over the hatchback.
She reported on the first phase of the study, a series of open focus groups conducted in 2002 and 2003.
Participants will experience the physical and psychological benefits of Voluntarily Regulated Breathing Practices, Coherent Breathing, Breath Moving, Ha Breath, Qigong, & Open Focus training to improve well-being and the mental health of patients.
Prior to commencing leasing efforts at Union Station, Larimer Associates held a series of open focus groups to help determine the public's hopes and desires for the landmark property.
The workshops demonstrate a unique fusion of ancient and modern mind-body techniques derived from Qigong, yoga, Christian monks, Coherent Breathing, Open Focus meditation, and martial arts.