open drainage

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systematic withdrawal of fluids and discharges from a wound, sore, or cavity.
capillary drainage that effected by strands of hair, surgical gut, spun glass, or other material of small caliber which acts by capillary attraction.
closed drainage airtight or water-tight drainage of a cavity so that air or contaminants cannot enter; for example, drainage of an empyema cavity carried out by means of an intercostal drainage tube passing into an airtight receiving vessel.
open drainage drainage of a cavity through an opening in the chest wall into which one or more drainage tubes are inserted, the opening not being sealed against the entrance of outside air.
percutaneous drainage drainage of an abscess or collection of fluid by means of a catheter inserted through the skin and positioned under the guidance of computed tomography or ultrasonography.
postural drainage see postural drainage.
tidal drainage drainage of the urinary bladder by an apparatus that alternately fills the bladder to a predetermined pressure and empties it by a combination of siphonage and gravity flow.
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o·pen drain·age

drainage allowing air to enter.
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o·pen drain·age

(ō'pĕn drān'ăj)
Drainage allowing air to enter.
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has recommended fibrinolytic therapy as a First line treatment for the management of empyema in children.13 Some other researchers have also recommended that open drainage should be considered after failure of simple drainage.14,15
Although appropriate antimicrobial drugs were used, our data suggest that more aggressive treatment with open drainage of the pleural effusion might have contributed to a better outcome than closed tube thoracostomy or simple thoracocentesis alone.
The open drainage canals along the roads surrounding the township's public market are already full of mud and solid debris mostly plastic bottles thrown by irresponsible individuals.
Frank Caldwell, principle officer for museums arts and tourism, said: "We discovered an entrance large enough for a person to crawl through that seems to connect to some open drainage channels at the other end of the building.
It was like a concentration camp with open drainage.""
Authorities have also obtained a CCTV visual of the incident in which the child could be seen walking alone on the road before falling in the open drainage system.