open contact

o·pen con·tact

(ōpĕn kontakt)
Lack of contact between adjacent teeth that would normally touch each other on their proximal sides. May be due to tooth position, absence of a tooth or faulty restoration(s).
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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In Third World countries like Pakistan where a proper sanitation system is lacking feces are in open contact with the surroundings.
That young man was Waddah Faris, an Iraqi artist who was born in Aleppo, Syria, worked in Beirut as a graphic designer, and would later, in 1972, open Contact, a groundbreaking and irreverent gallery that captured the artistic energy and cross-disciplinary experimentation in the cultural life of the Lebanese capital in the years before it was torn up by the civil war that started in 1975.
The open suspect SI .6 from cell-aware diagnosis (highlighted in red) covers this open contact.
Replacing normally closed contact type emergency push button in the place of normally open contact type.
12 April 2017, Call for abstracts now open Contact Caroline O'Donnell at Caroline.
At the time of the last strike a spokesman from the company said: "We continue to do all we can to avert strike action and remain in regular, open contact with union representatives, stressing the urgency of the situation if further disruption to customers is to be avoided."
The 750R series features an octal base design, silver alloy with gold flashed contacts, and 1,500 V rms open contact dielectric strength.
* "NO" indicates the normally open contact of the output relays.
In a brief statement, Ambassador Al-Duweisan, who is also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, voiced readiness to "open contact channels between the (Kuwaiti) center and British private and government judicial entities in order to benefit from their experience." On his part, director of the Center Dr.
On relations with Iran in view of the recent understanding between Iran and the world community, Madani said the GCC demonstrated readiness to open contact channels with neighboring Iran and that such approach will continue emanating from the GCC countries' keenness to achieve security and stability in the region.
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