open bite

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large in·ter·arch dis·tance

a large distance between the maxillary and mandibular arches; may also imply an excessive vertical dimension.
Synonym(s): open bite (1)


(a-per'tog-nā'thē-ă) In the diphthong gn, the g is silent only at the beginning of a word.
An open-bite deformity, a type of malocclusion characterized by premature posterior occlusion and the absence of anterior occlusion.
Synonym(s): open bite (2) .
[L. apertus, open, + G. gnathos, jaw]

large in·ter·arch dis·tance

(lahrj intĕr-ahrch distăns)
Space between maxillary and mandibular arches.
Synonym(s): open bite (1) .
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This dissatisfaction with dental appearance showed a statistical relationship with the adolescents' sex and with some of the occlusal components, such as the following: median maxillary diastema, mandibular irregularity, anterior open bite and the antero-posterior molar relation, evaluated by the Dental Aesthetic Index.
Attractiveness ratings of anterior open bites and reverse overjets using the aesthetic component of the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need.
Postoperative orthodontics consisted of intercuspidation and adjustment of the COS, since an intentional open bite in the bicuspid area was left during surgery to allow increase of the anterior facial height.
(3) have advocated that patients with deep bite have a tendency of condylar flattening and those with open bite rarely have affected condiles (3, 4).
As muscular dynamics influences skeletal and occlusal development, the obtained data in the GRO and GRON agree with studies associating ORO with cases such as retrognathism and open bite (27).
At the end of treatment, the profile, vertical and sagittal relationship were improved and the anterior open bite was corrected (Figure 4).
Also, monthly clinical evaluations were conducted during six months to evaluate right and left canine relationship, right and left molar relationship, horizontal and vertical overbite, and the presence of anterior and posterior open bite.
Anterior open bite: a formula for the differential diagnosis (original title: Mordida aberta anterior: uma formula para o diagnostico diferencial).
Individual malocclusion traits Males Females Total % Increased overjet 192 160 352 17.51 Reverse overjet 21 15 36 1.79 Crossbite 53 39 92 4.57 Deep overbite 141 125 266 13.23 Open bite 21 20 41 2.03 Scissor bite 11 7 18 0.89 Crowding mild 30 23 53 19.75 Moderate 69 61 130 Severe 132 82 214 Hypodontia 54 26 80 3.90 Impacted teeth 72 44 116 5.77 Submerged 41 31 72 3.50 deciduous teeth Supernumerary teeth 28 34 62 3.08 Anterior spacing 89 87 176 8.75 Normal occlusion 167 135 302 15.02 Total 1121 889 2010 100 Table 4: Relationship between the IOTN (DHC) grades and study population.
Dentoalveolar comparative study between renovable and fixed cribs, associated to chincup, in anterior open bite treatment.
Early treatment of anterior open bite with functional orthopedic appliances.