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n a basic storage unit in an accounting system. Individual accounts accept debit and credit entries that reflect the different types of transactions made by the practice.
account book,
n a book in which the financial transactions of a business or profession are entered. Such books may be admitted as evidence.
account, open,
n a straightforward arrangement between the dental provider and the patient for the handling of financial payments due the dental provider and owed by the patient.
account, payable,
n a dollar amount owed to creditors for items or services purchased from them.
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However, for open account debt, additional advances restore zero-basis loans repaid during the year.
1367 regulations there is a repayment on open account debt to which gain might be recognized only if there is a net decrease in the amount of such indebtedness for the year, determined by comparing the amounts outstanding at the beginning and end of the tax year.
Both Global Trade Manager and Open Account Manager are based on the same service oriented architecture and are unique in their ability to offer a sophisticated end-to-end solution for trade processing.
First, consider advising clients to set up notes for their open account debt so that any subsequent repayment income would be capital gain, rather than ordinary.
Lenders may see open accounts that aren't being used as a risk that you could go on a spending spree and overextend yourself.
Efficiency - Curian is a Web-based, paperless solution with online proposal and account opening processes that create the ability to open accounts in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.
Grandparents and family friends can also open accounts, regardless of income, for as little as $25 ($15 for employer payroll deduction accounts), and five investment choices are offered.
Our personal bankers and licensed investment representatives can help customers evaluate their financial needs and then open accounts, make investments, and take out a mortgage or home-equity loan.
Banks including Wells Fargo and Bank of America began accepting the ID to open accounts in the last few months.
Close bank and brokerage accounts in the old state and open accounts in the new one.
Per-Se's combination of software and service presents the right balance for Howard that not only helps us to increase staff productivity within our central billing office, but also supports our initiatives to improve cash flow and enhance patient satisfaction by resolving open accounts.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Central Bank of Iraq declared that it granted approval to the companies of money transfer to open accounts directly in the Bank.