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However, there are differences in opaqueness between banks and insurance companies.
Implications 3 and 4 require proxies for the opaqueness of the rival, as well as for the accused firms.
This fact gradually results in the opaqueness of the runway, and it decreases the sight of the pilot for the identification of runway lines," he added.
Mrs Wood said: "We've been bullied because we went to the press about the rise in fees and the opaqueness of the HTCPL."
Global experience shows that opaqueness is a hotbed of corruption.
"While many of the stories appear inconsequential and are easily overlooked [...] they are nonetheless the only "smoking gun" apparent on these days," Birinyi found "We believe that traders (and investors) are searching for any clarity on an eventual solution to European debt problems, and hence when any light is shed on the opaqueness of the situation, however mundane, traders react accordingly."
The numbers generated by the models tend to swing widely from model to model and update to update, and the opaqueness of the models makes it very difficult for the modelers and the model users to decipher the true drivers of changes in the modeled loss estimates, particularly for company-specific books of business."
Summary paragraph: From aiCIO Magazine's June Issue: Paula Vasan examines the opaqueness of industry jargon and reminds us--and herself--that showing is better than telling.
Further, ColorMatrix is a leading provider of colorant for fluoropolymers and provides specialty additives that support fluoropolymers' unique high-performance properties such as lubricity, high-level heat insulation, static dissipation and x-ray opaqueness. Through its acquisition of Gayson, ColorMatrix expanded its portfolio to include enhanced speed-to-market, custom color dispersions used in silicone processing for a broad range of medical, consumer and automotive applications.
Tamper-evident security envelopes leave clear and indelible mark to any attempt of unauthorized opening thus is able to provide perfect optical opaqueness and ensure maximum confidentiality.
The ultra-fine fiber is also soft, stretchable, fits body contours comfortably, promotes cooling and boasts excellent absorbency and opaqueness. Nanofront is used in a wide variety of clothing and industrial applications, ranging from inner-wear, golf gloves and skin care products to abrasive cloth and filters.
Amnesty criticized the kingdom's "vague and broad" definitions of terrorism, ranging from "destabilizing society" to "harming the reputation of the state," adding that, "This opaqueness could be exploited to charge peaceful meetings of a group of people who make political demands or even engage in academic discussions with a 'terrorist crime'," under this draft law.