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out-of-body experience

A scientifically unproven phenomenon in which a person allegedly leaves his or her physical body and has a sensation of floating at some distance from it. OOBEs have been associated with mental or physical events in the form of stress, trauma, dehydration, sensory deprivation or overload, psychedelic or dissociative drugs, hallucinations and dream-like state.
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However, they point to a much more complicated issue-designing the OOBE when products and/or services from multiple companies are needed for users to accomplish a single goal (getting online).
By the way, the woman figure that Rafael saw while out of his body or while in a state of sleep paralysis could be one of the astral beings that people sometimes meet when they go out of their body or have OOBE.
Mere mortals among software publishers, however, must meet the OOBE standard or lose their shirts.
Other partners in the scheme included engineering consultants Royal Haskoning DHV and Oobe (landscape).
Newcastle-based landscape architects, Oobe, was commissioned by NE1 Ltd to design the space.