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A traditional branch of metaphysics that deals with problems of being, existence, inner nature, meaning, etc. It is fundamental to problems involving normality and disease, individuality, responsibility, and the analysis of values. In recent years, it has been slowly assuming a place as a branch of medicine proper.


A formal specification of how to represent relationships among objects, concepts, and other entities belonging to a particular area of human experience or knowledge.

ontology (n·tˑ·l·gē),

n the metaphysical study of the state of being: focuses on the fundamentals of identity, disease, normalcy, and belief systems as they influence a person's existence.
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Schmaus, too, holds that the fundamental ontologist thesis, that God may be seen directly by the human mind, is characteristic of both Rosmini and Gioberti.
It thus looks as if the precise ontologists are to the comprehensives as countable being is to epistemology or psychology, for the formula "to be is to be body" really means "to be is to be touchable," and "to be is to be an idea" really means "to be is to be intelligible.
Ontologists working with domain experts further analyze RDF representations to organize taxonomic assessment hierarchies.
Like Lewis, such economists can be termed social ontologists because they believe in an objective, rational reality "both as a logical starting point and as a criterion of validity" (Kauder, 1958, qtd.
He argues that Brownson developed "his own synthetic theological and philosophical position" in an effort to avoid the excessive subjectivism he saw in Kant and the overconfident objectivism of ontologists.
The Jonangpas : A School of Buddhist Ontologists according to the `Grub mTha' Shel Gyi Melong.
reaches Brownson's Catholic years, he excels in showing how Brownson's fascination with Vincenzo Gioberti and the ontologists fits with his larger concern for apologetics and communion.

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