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A traditional branch of metaphysics that deals with problems of being, existence, inner nature, meaning, etc. It is fundamental to problems involving normality and disease, individuality, responsibility, and the analysis of values. In recent years, it has been slowly assuming a place as a branch of medicine proper.


A formal specification of how to represent relationships among objects, concepts, and other entities belonging to a particular area of human experience or knowledge.

ontology (n·tˑ·l·gē),

n the metaphysical study of the state of being: focuses on the fundamentals of identity, disease, normalcy, and belief systems as they influence a person's existence.
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We have found no good reason for an ontologist or anyone else to accept a correspondence theory of propositional truth.
From Italian existentialist Nicola Abbagnano to Spanish Christian ontologist Xavier Zubiri, the entries discuss the thought systems of important individual philosophers from around the world, as well as important topics, ranging from aesthetic experience to Zoroastrianism.
Even an inexperienced ontologist intuitively knows that there is more to virtuality than stimulation or simulation.
The image of notes (or rather monads) going on their own way summons the spirit of Nietzsche, a Baroque ontologist par excellence, whose conception of the world as a vast field of interconnecting forces presents the paradoxical but highly contemporary image of a Leibnizian monadology without the all-regulating principle of universal harmony.
These two books make me agree with Hector-Neri Castaneda, who is cited on the blurb as calling Bergmann "the major ontologist of recent decades".
Josh Powers, Principal Ontologist, Convera Powers, an expert in building previous ontologies used at Oracle and Semio, will provide a step-by-step example of taxonomy and classification generation to support best practices for knowledge representation and management.
An illuminating source on this issue is the book A Survey of Metaphysics, written by the respected analytic metaphysician and ontologist E.
After working for several years at Cycorp, Ire is now a senior ontologist with Convera Corporation.
The problem, of course, stems from the fact that some of Rosmini's ideas had been explicitly condemned in the 19th century by the Congregation of the Holy Office, and Rosmini had been classified in generations of theology manuals as either a proximate ontologist or a semi-rationalist.
It is as much of a problem for the ontologist of music as it is for the Platonist philosopher of mathematics who has to show how mathematical discoveries are made.
The first datum that presents itself to the ontologist is the distinction between individuals and their properties and this distinction is rooted in the fact that the former change and the latter do not.
Contrary to Heidegger's interpretation of Nietzsche as the "last metaphysician," and hence the philosopher who most closely anticipates Heidegger's attempt to free himself from the Western tradition, I have suggested that Nietzsche is not at all a metaphysician or an ontologist, but rather the thinker for whom ontology is ultimately impossible because being is ultimately chaos.

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