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A traditional branch of metaphysics that deals with problems of being, existence, inner nature, meaning, etc. It is fundamental to problems involving normality and disease, individuality, responsibility, and the analysis of values. In recent years, it has been slowly assuming a place as a branch of medicine proper.
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A formal specification of how to represent relationships among objects, concepts, and other entities belonging to a particular area of human experience or knowledge.
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So, we argue, to the extent that we do assess people's interests correctly, they themselves also are a reality that is ontologically objective.
Ted's heroic strength comes from his ability to think meditatively and ontologically; he is able to see through the superficial illusion that shrouds authentic reality by taking the time to genuinely think about the nature of the beings around him.
Built on his transactional metaphysics, Dewey's view of the self stands in opposition to traditional Western conceptualizations in which the self is imagined as largely static, ontologically discreet from the world, and formed as a cause of various effects in the world.
This essay has examined how the use of learning analytics might shape education epistemologically, ontologically, politically, and systemically.
Laing (1960/965) wrote that ontologically insecure individuals long for connection but at the same time fear such connection as they worry that being seen by others will lead to annihilation of the self, as an ontologically insecure person does not have a stable sense of self to hold onto when feeling anxiety.
As Eltschinger puts it, "social statuses are in the end nothing more than superimpositions of divisions, through words and conventions, on a humanity that is ontologically unique and undifferentiated" (p.
(a) X is separate from Y if (i) X is ontologically independent of X (15) and
[IC]: A is ontologically prior to B just in case A can be [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] without B [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] but B cannot be without A [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] (204).
Ontologically Neppe and Close claim to be monists--apparently they hold (as did William James) a form of "neutral monism."
To speak of things as ontologically fundamental in these ways will risk, Bennett fears, a certain stasis and individualism.
There is no intrinsic direction to any dimension of space, there is no dynamic aspect to the dimensions of space, and space is ontologically indiscriminate.
It is patently un-Christian to treat a group defined by external circumstance (relative wealth) almost as ontologically evil.

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