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access to information directly connected with and accessible to a computer. Compare off-line.


Informatics adjective Referring to a device connected–eg, to a network or the Internet, or which is ready to send or receive data. Cf Offline.

Patient discussion about online

Q. I want to know if i am online right now or no? I can see people who are online. How can i know i am online or no? and secondly how to edit and put details

A. You can easily see whether you are online or not in your profile page (just click on the My Stuff tab):

- To change your status go to Account Settings which is under the My Stuff tab:

- To edit your profile go to Edit Profile which is also under the My Stuff tab:

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Online binding and payment of policies are still very limited, but we'll see more of it in the coming year.
To gauge gender equality in participation in web-based political science courses, we conducted a content analysis of the online discussion board postings of 453 students enrolled in multiple sections of three different comparative politics courses taught by two different instructors.
Most faculty find the intrinsic rewards of online education outweigh the extrinsic rewards; however, faculty must function in a culture that respects their time, efforts, and intellectual output.
The Foundation's three online instructor-led CPE classes use a program developed by Blackboard.
5 percent are concerned about the information they provide online being shared in unauthorized ways, and 71.
The state agency isn't trying to scare people away from investing online, said Stewart, but ``people need to know what they're getting into.
Another disadvantage of online CPE is the lack of personal interaction with other participants and with an instructor.
Four different research methods were employed: class observations, faculty interviews, review of student course evaluation forms, and analysis of online database transcripts.
including portal/site linkages, online affinity programs and marketing campaigns;