ongoing assessment

on·go·ing as·sess·ment

(on'gō-ing ă-ses'mĕnt)
Repeat of the focused or rapid emergency department assessment of a prehospital patient to detect changes in condition and to judge the effectiveness of treatment before or during transport. Repeated every 5 minutes for an unstable patient and every 15 minutes for a stable patient.
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Public-health surveillance--the systematic, ongoing assessment of the health of a community, based on the collection, interpretation, and use of health data--provides information necessary for public-health decision making.
Specifically, the investigation concerns the Company's May 12, 2009, disclosure that UCBH was delaying the filing of its Quarterly Report with the Securities and Exchange Commission for the 2009 fiscal first quarter and, as a result of an ongoing assessment of the adequacy of the Company's allowance for loan losses, additional general reserve provisions to its allowance for loan losses were possible, and that any additional provisioning would further increase the Company's net loss for the quarter ended March 31, 2009.
DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson stated that the move was made as part of an ongoing assessment of the "global threat environment.
of Colorado, Denver) define curriculum for three different age groups (young infants, mobile infants and toddlers) that includes responsible caregiving routines, observation and documentation and ongoing assessment.
The proceeds from the placement will be used towards the Company's ongoing assessment work on its Uranium properties.
As part of an ongoing assessment and improvement programme across Northern Ireland, Roads Service (Northern Division) has completed the installation and upgrade of safety warning signs at 24 schools in the area.
His six chapters combine insights from practicing teachers in the United States (as well as some from outside the US) as well as research on science education in order to cover trends in elementary science teaching, curriculum planning, best practices in the elementary science classroom, the engagement and motivation of students, ongoing assessment, and professional development.
The kit provides teachers with the ability to perform quick, ongoing assessment of individual students and offers immediate results to inform language and literacy instruction throughout the year.
Each one requires IT-governance based policies and controls which are ideally based on standards such as COBIT and FFIEC, and each requires ongoing assessment and remediation.
Both the dividend growth and share purchase programs are subject to the ongoing assessment and determination of TELUS Board of Directors.
Outcome 1: The ongoing assessment to ensure independence and methodological reliability of assessments designed and operate with the purpose of transforming the evaluative lessons in management practices.
Lastly, the Minister of Education noted the need for practical and effective support of the autonomy of sports associations both at a national and a European level, having as a primary guideline and precondition the ongoing assessment, monitoring and accountability on their part.