ongoing assessment

on·go·ing as·sess·ment

(on'gō-ing ă-ses'mĕnt)
Repeat of the focused or rapid emergency department assessment of a prehospital patient to detect changes in condition and to judge the effectiveness of treatment before or during transport. Repeated every 5 minutes for an unstable patient and every 15 minutes for a stable patient.
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The authors provide a guide to teaching early numeracy to four to eight-year-old students based on constructivist research and focusing on inquiry and ongoing assessment. They detail approaching, designing, and organizing instruction, including the principles of classroom teaching, progressive mathematization, the development of instructional sequences, the use of the teaching and learning cycle for designing instruction, and different approaches to organizing instruction, followed by specific topics in early numeracy and assessment task groups and instructional activities.
The Program aims to prepare a strategy for poultry sector at present time and the future and to develop an ongoing assessment for the poultry sector and compare it with other countries.
Based on its preliminary review and ongoing assessment of the application, the FDA outlined potential review issues including whether the application is sufficient to support an FDA conclusion that the data provided within the NDA meets accelerated approval criteria and whether the benefit and risk are appropriately balanced, given that the application is based on a single-arm study.
Managing director Gareth Henderson said the initiative would ensure the ongoing assessment of Orchard's green credentials and build on the company's recent ISO 14001 accreditation.
They also cover conversation guides and protocols for establishing professional learning communities, demonstrations of implementation and integrating the three practices, and provide an outline of nonnegotiables like shared decision making and problem solving, ongoing assessment, and analysis of state and national standards.
It thus contributes to the ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of this innovative approach to interdisciplinary graduate education in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
"Clearly those assets must remain competitive in the future and therefore ongoing assessment of the business structure will always be part of our business processes."
If so then councils can now fence round, say, 100 of their older properties and turn it into a social rehabilitation camp and with trash tenants/private riff raff sentenced to years behind the wire, subject to ongoing assessment, and only granted release when they have clearly reformed into model citizens.
Ongoing assessment of school climate and student achievement can guide effective modifications in professional development and collaborative practice.
252)." While a number of colleges and universities are providing faculty with instruction in the use of service-learning, the authors suggest that formal training be universal They also believe that a program that provides mentoring and ongoing assessment will provide maximum benefits to both students and instructors participating in service-learning.
Temporary Judge Leeona Dorrian sent Dunn back to the State Hospital at Carstairs for ongoing assessment of her mental condition and told her to return to court on July 24.
In measuring its performance against the Joint Commission standards, a facility achieves an ongoing assessment of its progress.