ongoing assessment

on·go·ing as·sess·ment

(on'gō-ing ă-ses'mĕnt)
Repeat of the focused or rapid emergency department assessment of a prehospital patient to detect changes in condition and to judge the effectiveness of treatment before or during transport. Repeated every 5 minutes for an unstable patient and every 15 minutes for a stable patient.
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The Changhua County government imposed the fine on the FCFC last November after an ongoing assessment into the plant's operations found that it was making illegal profits by using cheaper bituminous coal with a higher sulfur content for its power generation.
Among her topics are working within a culturally and linguistically diverse world, coaching parents and primary caregivers, informal communications-specific assessment tools: evaluation and ongoing assessment, working with the whole child, and making connections for a healthy and productive future.
Following a thorough and ongoing assessment, there is currently no evidence that any of this information has been compromised.
O capable of conforming to a final assessment or ongoing assessment model.
Based on the ongoing assessment, the Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant Unit 1 may not be operational for some time due to damage to the cooling tower.
HELSINKI, Dhu-AlHijjah 16, 1436, September 30, 2015, SPA -- Finland on Wednesday said it has suspended its decision-making on Iraqi and Somali asylum claims due to an ongoing assessment of the security situation in the two countries, Reuters reported.
Hartlng said that "the decision to send US troops to Iraq will be subject to an ongoing assessment of the military and political leaderships," noting that "it may be limited to strengthened military advisers groups".
Once released the decision was made to transport the patient to the RVI hospital, in Newcastle, for ongoing assessment by road.
Other key military taskings over the last 24 hours have included completion of a sandbag wall to help defend Desborough Island, deploying a flood barrier at Chertsey Bridge Road and the ongoing assessment and protection of Critical National Infrastructure assets," the spokeswoman said.
The decision, explains the executive, only concerns the compatibility of the project with state aid rules and is without prejudice to the ongoing assessment under EU Structural Fund rules.
The remodelling work will increase the number of resuscitation bays from three to seven, create a Rapid Assessment and Treatment Unit and an extended area for the ongoing assessment of patients.
Ongoing assessment of the conditions at the other ports is done by U.