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Rarely used term pertaining to the logic of dreams.
[G. oneiros, dream, + kritikos, skilled in judgment]
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Lovel adopts an unscientific but popular oneirocritical stance (130-31).
This concept follows the oneirocritical tradition of the Bible.
Her five chapters quote from dozens of sources and use the important oneirocritical writings of Thomas Hill, Philip Goodwin, and Thomas Nashe as touchstones.
Islamic oneirocritical techniques and beliefs had taken a firm, legitimate shape by al-Masudi's time, for he provides a detailed discussion of "the dream and its causes" (al-ru'ya wa-asbabuha) in the Muruj al-dhahab.
Despite the wealth of oneirocritical literature dealing with symbolic dreams, it is important to note that it was the literal variety of dreams that held greater moral and truth content.