one gene

one gene/one enzyme hypothesis

a general rule, proposed in 1941 by G. Beadle and E. Tatum, that each gene in a chromosome controls the synthesis of one enzyme. A modification of this idea, the one gene/one polypeptide hypothesis, accommodates the fact that all gene products are polypeptides but not all polypeptides are enzymes. A further modification, the one cistron/one polypeptide concept, accommodates alternate splicing and alternative promoter sequences.

one gene/one polypeptide

a principle that each gene in a chromosome determines a particular polypeptide. An exception allows many genes to specify only functional ribonucleic acid.

Patient discussion about one gene

Q. If being autistic relates to a disorder of genes , how does it effects in the future if one decided to have children ... does he expect to deliver those genes forward ? what are the chances for this to happen ? and what resolutions can the development of medicine offer him ?

A. it's really hard to estimate that sort of things...first of all there are more then one genes involve in that, and there is little knowledge about the part of the genes in autism. but autistic people very rarely have children of there own...

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The sOPTiKO and sOPTIKD methods allow scientists to silence the activity of more than one gene at a time, so researchers have the possibility to now investigate the role of whole families of related genes by knocking down the activity of all of them at once.
9,434,993 B2; The Procter & Gamble Company has patented a system for identifying connections between a cosmetic agent and at least one gene associated with a skin aging condition.
For instance, one gene affected the lips, another the shape and configuration of bones around the eyes, and a third the appearance of the mid-face and skull.
While only one gene was recorded in the Sultanate, more than one gene has been recorded in Saudi Arabia.
While only one gene was registered in the Sultanate, more than one gene has been registered in Saudi Arabia.
They looked at genes which control how the prostate gland is formed and found that one gene, called decorin, may have a key role in tumour growth.
Until now only one gene, controlling the breakdown of alcohol in the liver, was known to have a significant impact on drinking.
Scientists have confirmed one gene variant and have identified several others that may be risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of the disorder.
However, he questioned the importance that Dr Hill's research placed on the influence of one gene.
One gene suggests a connection between MS and other autoimmune diseases, which cause the body to attack itself.
Geneticists led by a veterinary surgeon who treats canine hip dysplasia (CHD) have found a mutation in one gene that may--along with other genes in a complex--be responsible for CHD in a variety of breeds.
Purdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, IN) has patented a method for adding at least one gene involved in plant host cell T-DNA integration to enhance transformation by Agrobacterium.