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Moreover, we have previously reported that PEG 35 addition to preservation solutions acts as an oncotic agent ameliorating organ graft preservation by reducing apoptosis in rat liver transplantation [28].
sup][31] In addition, the risk of pulmonary edema is elevated in HDP parturient due to the increased capillary permeability, reduced colloid oncotic pressure gradient and impaired left ventricular function.
Blood samples were obtained in the preoperative and peroperative periods (at 60 and 120 min) for determination of blood and plasma viscosity, plasma oncotic pressure, international normalized ratio (INR), phorotrombin time (PT), activated partial phorotrombin time (aPTT) and fibrinogen.
Patients with edema can benefit from colloids because the increase in oncotic pressure exerted by colloids pulls fluid from the interstitial and intracellular spaces back into the intravascular spaces, where the kidneys can excrete the excess (Shafiee, Bohn, Hoorn, & Halperin, 2003).
Decrease in the plasma oncotic pressure eventually results in accumulation of fluid in the interstitial space of the lungs.
The increase in urine viscosity could raise the pressure within the tubule lumen and reduce the net driving force for glomerular filtration (capillary hydrostatic pressure--(pressure within tubule + plasma oncotic pressure)) and thus directly decrease GFR.
Normal saline replacement fluid can decrease plasma oncotic pressure, which may lead to fluid shifting into extravascular spaces that can then produce a rapid and profound hypotension (Winters, 2008).
Oncotic cells, however, proceed to necrosis with lysis.
Lovastatin-induced cardiac toxicity involves both oncotic and apoptotic cell death with the apoptotic component blunted by both caspase-2 and caspase-3 inhibitors.
GFR, SNGFR, glomerular capillary pressure (PGd, single nephron plasma flow (Qa), single nephron filtration fraction (SNFF), afferent (AR) and efferent (ER) resistances, afferent (7A) and efferent (7rE) oncotic pressure and ultrafiltration coefficient (Kf) were calculated.
Some evidence suggests that hepatic synthesis of alpha-2- macroglobulin increase in order to compensate partially for the decrease in albumin normally active in maintaining oncotic pressure.