oncostatin M

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on·co·stat·in M

(ong'kō-stat'in), [MIM*165095]
A cytokine from macrophages, T cells, and some marrow and tumor cells, possessing various differentiation (in macrophages), cell proliferation (in hemopoietic precursors and some tumor types), and maturation (in fetal hepatocytes) effects.
[onco- + -stat + -in]
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Whereas in the group in which oncostatin M could take effect almost all animals were still alive after four weeks, 40 percent of the genetically modified mice had died from the effects of the infarction," Braun said.
The reason for this was that oncostatin M ensured clearly quantifiable better cardiac function in the unmodified animals.
Using a mouse infarct model, the researchers succeeded in demonstrating that oncostatin M actually does stimulate the repair of damaged heart muscle tissue as presumed.