seated massage

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seat·ed mas·sage

(sēt'ĕd mă-sahzh')
A massage technique that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated, often in public settings such as offices, airports, and malls.
Synonym(s): on-site massage.
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com" era, including round-the-clock snacks and beverages, catered lunches on Friday, on-site ping-pong tournaments, and a weekly on-site massage therapist and yoga instructor.
and other select locations will be transformed into relaxing "Tax Zen" environments -- complete with reassuring "tax mantras," relaxing music, an on-site massage therapist and a demonstration of the calming qualities of essential oils.
In Santa Rosa the Melitta Station Inn's Gay Honeymoon Midweek Spa Special includes two nights accommodations paired with gourmet breakfasts, a Lovers' massage consisting of two 45-minute sessions in the Inn's on-site massage room and complimentary wine tasting passport to more than 20 wineries in Sonoma Valley.
Other -- 32 percent, including free flu shots, healthier vending machine choices, wellness Web sites, and on-site massage therapy.
On-site Massage * Cardiovascular Assessment, Including Blood Pressure Screening * Cholesterol Screening * Diabetes Education and Prevention * HIV/AIDS Testing * Nutrition Counseling * Breast Cancer Awareness and Education * Dental Care Education * Lung Disease Prevention and Education * Domestic Violence Awareness
Cost to Tech Data employees for the wellness center is seven dollars per pay period with personal training and on-site massage therapy offered on a fee-for-service basis.
Alston & Bird provides cutting edge technology training and exemplary employee benefits including guaranteed emergency bank loans and salary advancements for non-management personnel; on-site massage therapy; referral bonuses; on-site Weight Watchers service with 50 percent reimbursement and a Children's Art Wall to showcase artwork from employee's children.
The company enables consumers to order, schedule and pay for timesaving services such as car detailing, dry cleaning, laundry services, housecleaning, on-site massage therapy, errands and more through a secure e-commerce site.
The Calvin Klein Beach Oasis: offers the exclusive cK Beach Oasis, a Calvin Klein-branded beach compound with thatched-roof huts, palm trees, umbrellas, chairs, hammocks, an on-site massage therapist, body spritzers and premium headphones.
For employers, ServiceStop gives businesses an easy to roll out incentive program, which includes employee subsidies for personal services and morale boosting perks such as on-site massage and catered parties.
Recreational facilities consist of a game room; a fitness room; an indoor, heated swimming pool; a whirlpool; and on-site massage therapy facilities.
TimeOut(R), a leading provider of corporate on-site massage clinics and wellness events, announced today that it is offering LifeWorks productivity-enhancement workshops to Bay Area businesses.