seated massage

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seat·ed mas·sage

(sēt'ĕd mă-sahzh')
A massage technique that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated, often in public settings such as offices, airports, and malls.
Synonym(s): on-site massage.
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We also offer ergonomic work place assessments and on-site massage.
Yet for those guests requiring deeper relaxation, thereas an on-site massage hut.
The trip even offers free yoga sessions each day, as well as an on-site massage therapist who will ease the aches from a long day of paddling.
On-site massage therapists are even made available, along with a general flexibility to your work schedule so your training can theoretically thrive as you are able to take advantage of these perqs.
A spell with on-site massage company Ibiza Angels led to The Circle members-only club where, as membership co-ordinator, she rubbed shoulders with the likes of Pete Postlethwaite, Bob Geldof, the Coronation Street cast and Manchester United players.
Some of the Google offices offer workers; three daily catered meals, on-site massage therapist, free gym membership and games room complete with air hockey, darts and foosball.
A south Wales company is leading the way in reducing stress in the workplace and boosting staff morale by providing bespoke on-site massage treatments.
1 largely due to amenities offered to staff, such as laundry, a spa, gourmet meals, on-site massage and free on-site doctors.
On-site massage can be used in the office as part of a stress management programme and is recommended weekly.
I took three standalone modules, for reflexology, aromatherapy and on-site massage and developed a new one on understanding the health care environment and as far as I know this is the only course of its kind," said Mrs Saunders.
They also provide the little touches that make a patient feel far from the gray world of pain, such as relaxing in aqua massage chairs with soothing music while waiting for an on-site massage therapist to prepare their room.
Responses showed that on-site massage treatment for both parents and staff significantly decreased anxiety, tension and discomfort.