seated massage

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seat·ed mas·sage

(sēt'ĕd mă-sahzh')
A massage technique that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated, often in public settings such as offices, airports, and malls.
Synonym(s): on-site massage.
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Massage therapists offer on-site massage due to the portability of chair and the patients are not required to disrobe to receive the massage.
It also provides discounted on-site massage services, and year-round complimentary nutrition and training counseling.
With sprawling facilities stretching over 100,000 sq ft of land, the yoga classes will be in addition to other features such as the exclusive clubhouse and spa (with two dedicated on-site massage therapists), a state-of-the-art gym and saunas, an indoor squash court and children's play area, a luxurious infinity pool and poolside cafe, a separate children's swimming and play area, reflection spaces and landscaped gardens with over 10,000 plants and trees.
We also offer ergonomic work place assessments and on-site massage.
Yet for those guests requiring deeper relaxation, thereas an on-site massage hut.
"Now luxury purchasers are looking for juice bars and a battery of health products within gym culture, including chiropractic and nutrition advisory, on-site massage and spa treatments"
The trip even offers free yoga sessions each day, as well as an on-site massage therapist who will ease the aches from a long day of paddling.
On-site massage therapists are even made available, along with a general flexibility to your work schedule so your training can theoretically thrive as you are able to take advantage of these perqs.
A spell with on-site massage company Ibiza Angels led to The Circle members-only club where, as membership co-ordinator, she rubbed shoulders with the likes of Pete Postlethwaite, Bob Geldof, the Coronation Street cast and Manchester United players.
Woods climbed into a waiting golf cart, saying: "That's it, we're done," before being taken to the on-site massage and fitness trailer for treatment, leaving Bohn to carry on with a marker.
Some of the Google offices offer workers; three daily catered meals, on-site massage therapist, free gym membership and games room complete with air hockey, darts and foosball.