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access to information directly connected with and accessible to a computer. Compare off-line.
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The discussion was introduced with the comment that their instructor understood from the messages received that many in the class had experienced difficulties with the on-line activity, and that these needed to be shared.
Los Angeles Sheriff Puts Inmate Information On-line," Government Technology vol.
It's a total shift from disbelief to acceptance," says Michael Levin, a 50-year steel veteran and chairman of e-STEEL, a brand new on-line marketplace for the steel industry.
One on-line doyen, Larry Peery of San Diego, even publishes a frequent on-line magazine in which he offers his impressions of the dozens of gay chat, sites across the Internet.
Paulson offers an on-line competency test for operators of molding machines and extruders.
On-line entertainment sales are surpassed only by sales of computer products and travel, according to the study.
The oldest on-line service, CompuServe Information Service, has more than 1 million members.
Practice management areas that could benefit from the use of on-line services include
His goal was to create a slick on-line hangout where gay men and lesbians could organize, socialize, advertise, and shop.
In the UALR-Roane State collaboration, students on both sides get training in the fundamentals of on-line work.
And they only knew each other by their on-line names: ``MaeveMerry'' for Nassira, ``KILRPOODLE'' for Linda and ``Uwolf'' for Lowell.