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access to information directly connected with and accessible to a computer. Compare off-line.
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The developer of the On-Line Profilometer designs and manufactures precision, non-contact measurement systems for a variety of industrial markets.
It became apparent that the experiences these teachers-in-training had with on-line learning could be related to those experienced by typical emergent readers.
Of the 68 agencies that responded to the survey, 27 percent provided sexual offender information, 9 percent offered accident report information, and 18 percent allowed individuals to file reports on-line.
Gay culture is so pervasive on-line, David Leavitt, among other writers, mentions it in his book Equal Affections, in which the main character's boyfriend gets so high from cybersex that it nearly wrecks their relationship -- not unheard-of in real life.
It has its share of company and product information, but it also offers you the ability to test some developmental software on-line for free through the HSI Java ToolKit Beta Site.
Industry analysts say consumers are eagerly embracing on-line transactions for their fun.
You can pay all household, credit and small business bills on-line.
His goal was to create a slick on-line hangout where gay men and lesbians could organize, socialize, advertise, and shop.
In the UALR-Roane State collaboration, students on both sides get training in the fundamentals of on-line work.
CONNECT's Corporate On-Line Server running on Pyramid hardware is a powerful solution for companies who recognize the value of information as the new competitive weapon in today's business arsenal," said Tom Kehler, president and CEO of CONNECT Inc.
com), a leader in asset condition assessment and management tools for the electric utility industry, announced today the introduction of the Serveron Transformer Monitor Model TM3, the latest addition to the successful Serveron TM series of on-line transformer monitors.