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Informatics adjective Referring to a device connected–eg, to a network or the Internet, or which is ready to send or receive data. Cf Offline.
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Q. I want to know if i am online right now or no? I can see people who are online. How can i know i am online or no? and secondly how to edit and put details

A. You can easily see whether you are online or not in your profile page (just click on the My Stuff tab):

- To change your status go to Account Settings which is under the My Stuff tab:

- To edit your profile go to Edit Profile which is also under the My Stuff tab:

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Windy City Times went on-line early in the Internet era.
Mike Groves, IronPlanet: On-line auctions have significantly changed the way equipment is bought and sold, offering a level of convenience previously impossible for both buyers and sellers.
Related studies showed that students' learning satisfaction highly correlated to instructor immediacy in both verbal and non-verbal interactions (Lai, 2004; Lee & Busch, 2005; Rovai & Barnum, 2003) The major drawback of on-line learning is the non-verbal communication found in the traditional classroom (Lee & Busch, 2005; Rovai & Barnum, 2003).
On-line teaching and learning is a relatively new paradigm for nurse educators.
Manuel Montero, Saf-T-Pay's CEO, says, "The new system would provide merchants with new business opportunities from among the estimated 100 million people worldwide who have the means to pay and the willingness to buy on-line, but who are unwilling to risk providing personal information."
are available and primarily used for system monitoring rather than on-line closed loop control of functional and process wet end chemicals.
The classes themselves are based on ECC's English text-books and are available on-line to the student.
Unlike most other on-line profile systems, the company's On-Line Profilometer makes the profile measurement simultaneously across the profile.
A group of 45 students at Middlesbrough College took the exams for information technology basic and key skills qualifications on-line as part of a pilot programme run by national awarding body the NCFE.
Cheapest pre-booked single fare: pounds 1 (on-line bookings only)
The results of a survey on the quality and usage of public electronic services, published by the European Commission on December 1, show that almost 80% of users approve of the quality of on-line public services, and more than half are very satisfied with these services.