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Relating to the omentum.
Synonym(s): epiploic


/omen·tal/ (o-men´t'l) pertaining to the omentum.


Etymology: L, omentum, membrane of the bowels
relating to the omentum.


Relating to the omentum.
Synonym(s): epiploic.


(o-ment'um) plural.omenta [L. omentum, adipose membrane]
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A double fold of peritoneum attached to the stomach and connecting it with certain of the abdominal viscera. It contains a cavity, the omental bursa (lesser peritoneal cavity). See: illustration

gastrocolic omentum

Greater omentum.

gastrohepatic omentum

Lesser omentum.

greater omentum

The portion of the omentum that is suspended from the greater curvature of the stomach and covers the intestines like an apron. It is the largest of the folds of the peritoneum. It dips in among the folds of the intestines and is attached to the transverse colon and mesocolon. It contains fat, prevents friction, and aids in localizing infections.
Synonym: gastrocolic omentum

lesser omentum

The portion of the omentum that passes from the lesser curvature of the stomach to the transverse fissure of the liver.
omental (o-ment'al), adjective


pertaining to or emanating from the omentum.

omental bursitis
see intra-abdominal abscess.
omental hernia
passage of a loop of intestine through a tear in the omentum.
omental tear
see omental hernia (above).
omental veil
a lace-like omentum.
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The peritoneal masses generally have a darker whorl-like appearance on T2-weighted MRI similar to other smooth muscle tumors and there isusually a lack of ascites and omental caking.
The 49 reported patients in the English literature with peritoneal, omental, and mesenteric hydatid cysts were 27 women and 22 men, aged 2-85 years.
The surgical management of peptic ulcer perforation was mainly by simple closure of perforation with omental patch.
For patients operated via the abdominal route, 18% needed an omental flap; no tissue interposition was used for the remainder.
The most common pattern of peritoneal involvement was mixed in 43 patients (34%), omental caking in 36 patients (28%), nodular deposits in 32 patients (25%), smudge pattern in 13 patients (10%) and cystic pattern in three patients (3 %).
065) in the survival distribution among the patients who underwent curative resection and those who had simple closure with omental patch.
An omental tag of tape as a tubular securing mechanism, in addition to the skin suture, basically helping prevent volvulus, reduce complaints of local pain caused by traction and accidental dislodgement of the drain, and was a routine procedure in most of the cases.
Omental interposition is not essential for good healing.
All patients diagnosed clinically with perforated peptic ulcers, admitted to VS Hospital during the period of January 2013June 2014, were prospectively nonrandomized to undergo either conventional open or laparoscopic suture omental patch repair (consent and cafeteria approach).
On examination, omental thickening was noticed and there was mild ascites.
We present two patients with TDR with fractured rib sign on initial trauma multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) and subsequent herniation of omental fat, the funky fat sign, within two weeks of the injury.
La disposicion de estas hojas de peritoneo forma un espacio que en el lado izquierdo no esta ocupado por ninguna estructura, lo que hace suponer la existencia de una cavidad omental similar a la de los mamiferos domesticos, mientras que el espacio del lado derecho esta ocupado por la vesicula biliar, conductos hepaticos derecho e izquierdo, primera porcion del duodeno, y vasos arteriales y venosos.