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Relating to the omentum.
Synonym(s): epiploic
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Relating to the omentum.
Synonym(s): epiploic.
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(o-ment'um) plural.omenta [L. omentum, adipose membrane]
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A double fold of peritoneum attached to the stomach and connecting it with certain of the abdominal viscera. It contains a cavity, the omental bursa (lesser peritoneal cavity). See: illustration

gastrocolic omentum

Greater omentum.

gastrohepatic omentum

Lesser omentum.

greater omentum

The portion of the omentum that is suspended from the greater curvature of the stomach and covers the intestines like an apron. It is the largest of the folds of the peritoneum. It dips in among the folds of the intestines and is attached to the transverse colon and mesocolon. It contains fat, prevents friction, and aids in localizing infections.
Synonym: gastrocolic omentum

lesser omentum

The portion of the omentum that passes from the lesser curvature of the stomach to the transverse fissure of the liver.
omental (o-ment'al), adjective
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Omental transplantation along with lumbar sympathectomy was done as a single stage procedure in 66% of patients.
The peritoneal masses generally have a darker whorl-like appearance on T2-weighted MRI similar to other smooth muscle tumors and there isusually a lack of ascites and omental caking.
We have described 3 cases of omental lipoma of whom 2 patients demonstrated acute intra-abdominal haemorrhage treated successfully by transarterial embolization.
In conclusion, we describe a rare case of ovarian, peritoneal, and omental sarcoidosis with no lung involvement and abnormally elevated CA 15-3 levels.
Pathogenesis of primary omental torsion is not fully established but considered to be wide-ranged.
(6) CT characteristics of PMP include: multiple complex cystic masses of low attenuation in the peritoneum, which may have rims of calcifications; characteristic scalloping of the liver (and occasionally splenic) margins; omental thickening, omental 'cake' and peritoneal implants; septated 'pseudo' ascites and varying degrees of compression of the visceral organs and structures (Figs 1 - 3).
The fistulous tracks were excised with a concurrent subtotal hysterectomy and an omental flap interposition.
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