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suffix, Latin, tumor, benign or malignant
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The end-to-end instant issuance rollout of the implementation by OMA Emirates will entail the supply of its Ingenico devices and utilise its in-house NANOPERSO instant card personalisation software solution at all branches.
I am excited and humbled to serve in this new role as chair of the OMA," Strong said.
8220;Friendly Technologies brings to OMA a deep knowledge of the industry − knowledge that is crucial to the success of OMA's mission,” stated Seth Newberry, General Manager at OMA.
OMA is pleased with the growing support of its API Program from a wide spectrum of industry players.
Boavista is a relatively well-heeled district, but around the OMA site any sense of civic continuity peters out into scruffy backstreets, vacant lots and car parks.
The OMA includes strange bedfellows, including Microsoft, Sun, Oracle and Nokia.
OMA buildings pose a physical challenge to the existing conditions of rhetoric.
5% shareholding in Servicios de Tecnologia Aeroportuaria (SETA), a strategic partner of OMA, for OMA B shares held by SETA, which represent 4.
The OMA is a not-for-profit corporation whose board and council represents Ontario doctors and is empowered to negotiate multi-year physician services agreements with the Ontario Ministry of Health and long-term care.
Our members bring technical work to OMA to create interoperable specifications that work across any network, on any device from anywhere around the globe," says Musa Unmehopa, OMA's Technical Plenary Chair.
As OMA president, Hodgson wants to work alongside governments, regardless of their political stripe, and align himself with organizations to find common ground on common issues.