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suffix, Latin, tumor, benign or malignant
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Hausatu Abdul-Karim, both for OMA Rotterdam, +31-10-24-38-200, pr@oma.
Though some critics see this as an example of the fecund creativity of the OMA atelier; where no intelligence is squandered, it does seem a decidedly lazy and disingenuous way of making buildings.
Large commercial OMA members should also go online to fes.
These specifications will include "enabler services" (middleware for building rich applications) principally based upon OMA specifications.
vDirect Mobile is the industry's leading independent DM client that is interoperable with any DM server supporting standards from the OMA.
Nonetheless during this time he and OMA have achieved international breakthrough, restructured the office from a studio into what is now a big business, and churned out theoretical wisdom by the yard.
The OMA is urging Ontario Hydro to plan for the upper, not median, of growth in demand.
In addition, the ITC will review the Initial Determination to ascertain if the exclusion should also encompass Epistar's OMA and GB products.
commonly known by its trade name OMA, announced that the initial offering price for its American Depositary Shares (ADSs) has been fixed at US$18.
The Educatorium project marks the first phase in a long term masterplan by OMA to modernize and urbanize the Utrecht University campus to the east of the city.
Rather, the OMA believes word of mouth and referrals should be promoted, he said.