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suffix, Latin, study of
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Technology Award: PRISM also awarded Ology Bioservices a USD 5.1m, 30-month contract entitled, "Developing, Establishing and Exercising Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Capabilities at the DOD Advanced Development and Manufacturing Facility."
"Ology Bioservices is an emerging biologics CDMO that enables its clients to protect and improve human health through the application of innovative scientific approaches/'noted Dr.
She said: "He gets an ology and he says he's failed...
The campaign was a huge success, driving record level Ology brand awareness, Walgreen says, and motivating trial among non-users.
Ology is also a response to consumer support for the Safe Chemicals Act, which was recently approved by the United States Senate.
You have not "got an ology", as Maureen Lipman's Jewish gran character might say.
The sectors are energy, social services, water and sanitation, information techn ology, agriculture and natural resources.
The Ology Give self-righteousness a schloarly basis.
I seem to remember something about the art of "reading" tongues - an "ology" perhaps?
Mr Lane, a business adviser with coaching franchise Ology, said increases in absenteeism and complaints and a decline in customer care were all signs of SAD among employees But he urged businesses to try to turn the winter hours' condition to their advantage.
According to the Web site, Badboss ology.com, 71 percent of people completing a survey on its site this past spring said they were looking for a new job in response to a problem with their boss.
Another surgeon might have tried to embolize the bleeding vessel via interventional radi ology, but a facility for doing so is not available at our hospital.