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suffix, Latin, study of
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According to a study by psych- ologists at New York's Cornell University, people over-estimate how much attention others pay to them.
The expert time team rushed to the site when amateur archae- ologists unearthed massive stones while exploring their garden.
The lower-than-expected temperatures could be a result of a cooling pattern coming in sooner than meteor ologists predicted, she said.
What made her such a complex character could be argued over indefinitely by psychologists, sociologists and all sorts of other ologists.
1993) (inter- with periph- [21] center)/ eral neurop- 4 weeks athy/1 neurophysi- ologist in each center Method of Limits Environmental Modality/ Factors/ Study Equipment Instructions Agostinho CDT, WDT, No details on et al.
D Fleming, MD, State Epidemi ologist, State Health Div, Oregon Dept of Human Resources.