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suffix, Latin, study of
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Numerous employees and ologists have complained that the Service has stifled their findings, doctored data, and even pulled numbers out of thin air to justify logging programs.
Jim Pollok, Yorkhill's senior cardiac surgeon, said merger talks would proceed to bring together Glasgow's team of two paediatric heart surgeons and three cardi- ologists and Edinburgh's single heart surgeon and two cardiologists.
According to a study by psych- ologists at New York's Cornell University, people over-estimate how much attention others pay to them.
During the district's busiest time in the summer, up to 120 employees, including administrative staff, engineers, fire employees and "tons of 'ologists,' " work from the station, he said.
The expert time team rushed to the site when amateur archae- ologists unearthed massive stones while exploring their garden.
The lower-than-expected temperatures could be a result of a cooling pattern coming in sooner than meteor ologists predicted, she said.
What made her such a complex character could be argued over indefinitely by psychologists, sociologists and all sorts of other ologists.
Let meteorologists, climatologists and any other "ologists" who care proclaim the profound importance of this long and rainy spring.
(1993) (inter- with periph- [21] center)/ eral neurop- 4 weeks athy/1 neurophysi- ologist in each center Method of Limits Environmental Modality/ Factors/ Study Equipment Instructions Agostinho CDT, WDT, No details on et al.
D Fleming, MD, State Epidemi ologist, State Health Div, Oregon Dept of Human Resources.
Rodger Nelson, a Portland- based meteor ologist for the National Weather Service, said the Cascades could get "a few inches of snow" today and Friday, and a bit more next week.
"It's bad news for human recreation, but it's good news for salmon," said Kyle Dittmer, a hydrologist and meteor ologist for the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission.