olivocochlear tract

ol·i·vo·coch·le·ar tract

fibers that originate from the periolivary nuclei bilaterally, exit the brianstem on the vestibular nerve, join the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, and terminate on outer hair cells.
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Grant L., U.S. neuroanatomist, 1904–.
Rasmussen encephalitis - antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the CNS are found and are perhaps autoimmune. Synonym(s): Rasmussen syndrome
Rasmussen syndrome - Synonym(s): Rasmussen encephalitis
bundle of Rasmussen - Synonym(s): olivocochlear tract
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The medial olivocochlear tract modulates the movement of the outer hair cells by the release of acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft, causing a hyperpolarization, which is opposed to the depolarization induced by sound stimuli.
Although otoacoustic emissions are useful to investigate the medial olivocochlear tract, methodological problems affect the interpretation of academic findings.