olivocochlear tract

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ol·i·vo·coch·le·ar tract

fibers that originate from the periolivary nuclei bilaterally, exit the brianstem on the vestibular nerve, join the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, and terminate on outer hair cells.
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Grant L., U.S. neuroanatomist, 1904–.
Rasmussen encephalitis - antibodies to a stimulatory glutamate receptor in the CNS are found and are perhaps autoimmune. Synonym(s): Rasmussen syndrome
Rasmussen syndrome - Synonym(s): Rasmussen encephalitis
bundle of Rasmussen - Synonym(s): olivocochlear tract
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Efferent signals through the olivocochlear bundle or Rasmussen's bundle reach the cochlea [1].
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Study which assessed the association between the medial olivocochlear function and genotoxic biomarkers among 25 students from the tobacco farming region did not evidence any abnormalities in the medial olivocochlear system through the suppression of emissions, but it evidenced higher rates of damage in the genotoxic biomarkers.
The neuronal circuit triggered by EchoScan to measure the ER threshold implements the physiological function of inner hair cells, afferent fibers, the olivocochlear complex, the efferent fibers, and the middle-ear muscles.
Blocking estrogen receptors alpha and beta had led to a decline in suppression of DPOAEs as a result of a reduction of the medial olivocochlear suppression.
("Contralateral Suppression of DPOAEs in Mice after Ouabain Treatment") determine that the type II SGNs participate in the contralateral suppression of the medial olivocochlear reflex after selectively inducing apoptosis in the type I SGNs using ouabain treatment.
Conclusion: According to characteristic hearing dysfunction, AN may occur in the afferent pathway of acoustic nerve, probably accompanied by the pathological changes of efferent nerve in the olivocochlear system inside the brainstem.
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