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the tree Olea europaea or its fruit.
A rounded elevation lateral to the upper part of each pyramid of the medulla oblongata; it is formed by the olivary nucleus just beneath its surface and is linked by fiber systems to the pons and cerebellum. Called also olivary body.
olive oil a fixed oil obtained from ripe fruit of Olea europaea; used as a setting retardant for dental cements, topical emollient, pharmaceutic necessity, and sometimes as a laxative.


1. Synonym(s): oliva
2. Common name for a tree of the genus Olea (family Oleaceae) or its fruit.
[L. oliva]


1. Synonym(s): oliva.
2. Common name for a tree of the genus Olea (family Oleaceae) or its fruit.
[L. oliva]


1. A smooth, oval swelling on each side of the upper part of the MEDULLA caused by the underlying olivary nucleus. These nuclei connect with each other and with the CEREBELLUM.
2. The smooth, elliptical tip of a vein stripper, used in the treatment of VARICOSE VEINS.

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Q. if someone is allergic to olive trees, does that mean they are allergic to olive oil as well?

A. I asked him, and he said he has no prob with olive oil.
Dinner was spectacular if i may add :)

Q. Is it common to get an allergic reaction in the eye from olive harvest? I've been around olive trees for a few hours and now feel like I have something in my eye but there is nothing there. can it be an allergic reaction? I dont get it from eating olives...

A. but in one eye..? that just doesn't seem likely. but i guess there is no reason not to try both treatments....

Q. This is Oliver 19 years old.I don’t like to talk to others, even to my parents. I don’ know why? This is Oliver 19 years old. I have no one to share my feeling, so I am writing here to get some advice. First thing is, I am black and fat, this makes me very depressive. I don’t like to talk to others, even to my parents. My younger brother is cuter than me. So I hate him, probably I cry every night especially when I listen to music. Sometimes I am forcing myself to cry, I don’ know why?

A. Hi Oliver, please share here with us your talents and hobbies and thoughts. We do not bite!

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