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The unicellular freshwater cyanobacterium Synechococcus and mixotrophic flagellates: evidence for a functional association in an oligotrophic, subalpine lake.
Lacustrine habitats dominated by CAM plants are generally softwater oligotrophic lakes, which are common at high latitudes or, in lower latitudes, only at high elevations.
In summary, our results show the highest overall growth performance was achieved by oysters held at Horseshoe Bay, and the monthly DVM increase here was also generally greater, indicating that sites with relatively high turbidity may promote faster growth in this species compared with more oligotrophic conditions found farther away from the coast.
The Mississippi River injects nutrients into an otherwise oligotrophic oceanic Gulf in a region where the continental shelf is very narrow and the upper continental slope is quite steep.
ABSTRACT Reproductive effort and population structure of the nonnative clam Corbicula fluminea were studied in an oligotrophic subalpine lake.
australis shoot tissues indicates N limitation in the lake and on the seashore on Paljassaare (N/P ratio 7-11), in the Kasari River delta (N/P ratio 8), and in the Vaike Vain Strait (N/P ratio 12), but P limitation in the oligotrophic Lake Tanavjarv (N/P ratio 21).
Nohipalu Valgjarv is a small (7 ha) oval-shaped softwater oligotrophic lake, located in a glaciokarstic hollow in the Meenikunno Landscape Reserve in southern Estonia (57[degrees]56'30"N; 27[degrees]20'50"E).
Bathypterois species are dominant on the middle and lower slope and in the abyssal depths of oligotrophic regions or similar less productive water masses.