Having few or minor symptoms.
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Prevalence was calculated for parasitic diseases with few or absent clinical manifestations (oligosymptomatic or asymptomatic infections), and incidence per 100.000 was calculated for diseases with overt clinical picture or requiring hospitalisation and highly specialised medical care (e.g.
Two patterns of MN recurrence were previously described [16]: "early recurrence" (within the first 6 months after KT), more common between living related donation, is generally oligosymptomatic, with mild proteinuria; on the other hand, "late recurrence" usually evolves with overt nephrotic syndrome.
This diagnosis was clinically suspected in those who developed symptoms and/or signs of peritoneal irritation, but also in those who developed HE, since several cases of SBP are oligosymptomatic. In all these cases, we performed a diagnostic paracentesis to obtain a polymorphonuclear count (PMN) and ascites culture.
Pathographies of 1500 famous musicians and composers were analyzed to find those with proven or clinically highly suspected (in composers and musicians who lived before the era of diagnostic tests for syphilis, especially when the existence of the oligosymptomatic, variable and deceptive aspects of neurosyphilis is taken into account) diagnosis of neurosyphilis (6).
On the other hand, the elderly may have a reduced immune response, asymptomatic or oligosymptomatic cases, and thus, difficulty in making differentiated clinical diagnoses for malaria, which may be a barrier to malaria elimination (26).
Most people with SSS are asymptomatic or oligosymptomatic. Well-described symptoms of SND are bradycardia, fainting (syncope), fatigue, weakness, dyspnea, angina, disturbed sleep, confusion, and palpitations.
If ultrasound does not provide a definitive diagnosis, the next step should be determined by patient's clinical condition: if stable and oligosymptomatic, a conventional X-ray to exclude free gas; if unstable or signs of peritonitis, contrast-enhanced CT scan is the next step followed by urgent surgical removal.
alternative to surgical repair for patients with oligosymptomatic
However, in some families, oligosymptomatic children share the same mutation load as those of symptomatic siblings (Enns et al.
When only conjunctival hyperemia is associated with extraocular muscle involvement, it is referred to as limited oligosymptomatic ocular myositis (LOOM).
However, the investigators noted, the findings suggest the possibility "that even oligosymptomatic or asymptomatic pregnant patients presumably infected [with Zika virus] may have microcephalic newborns with ophthalmoscopic lesions" and those newborns should be routinely evaluated for ocular symptoms.