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Formation of oligomers from larger or smaller molecules.
Synonym(s): oligomerisation.
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In addition, we found that p-F11 inhibits Cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of PPAR[gamma] and promotes the oligomerization and secretion of adiponectin.
Bush, "Trace metal contamination initiates the apparent auto-aggregation, amyloidosis, and oligomerization of Alzheimer's A[beta] peptides," Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, vol.
With regard to oligomerization as the explanation for our results, we discussed various possibilities and found that oligomerization, which is not our original idea (3), appeared to be the one most consistent with our results (4).
Activation of heat shock gene transcription by heat shock factor 1 involves oligomerization, acquisition of DNA-binding activity, and nuclear localization and can occur in the absence of stress.
Domains mediating intramolecular folding and oligomerization of MxA GTPase.
This might be due to increased rate of oligomerization at higher acid contents, resulting in lower hydroxyl values.
Within the oligomerization domain, identity is 50% with squid p73 and vertebrate p63, 31% with p73, and 25% with p53.
Bcl-2 prevents Bax oligomerization in the mitochondrial outer membrane.
researchers, Mumbai, India, have patented a process for oligomerization of olefins contained in refinery distillate streams including paraffins, naphthenes and aromatics.
This alanine is highly conserved in all vertebrate species that we have examined and is located within the putative oligomerization domain [Figure 4].
For higher ratios, the oligomerization of the BHET formed is probably being favored.
Binding between a single entity of ligand and an inflammasome sensor can induce a cascade of oligomerization events, culminating in pyroptosis, which define the physiologic outcomes in the host.