olfactory trigone

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2. the first three cusps of an upper molar tooth. adj., adj trigo´nal.
trigone of bladder a triangular region of the wall of the urinary bladder, an area in which the muscle fibers are closely adherent to the mucosa; its three angles correspond with the orifices of the ureters and urethra. Called also vesical trigone.
carotid trigone the triangular area bounded by the posterior belly of the digastric muscle, the sternocleidomastoid muscle, and the anterior midline of the neck. Called also superior carotid triangle.
olfactory trigone the triangular area of gray matter between the roots of the olfactory tract.
vesical trigone trigone of bladder.

ol·fac·to·ry tri·gone

a grayish triangular area corresponding to the attachment of the olfactory peduncle ("olfactory nerve" or olfactory tract) to the base of the brain, at the anterior border of the anterior perforated substance.
Synonym(s): trigonum olfactorium [TA]

olfactory trigone

A small triangular eminence at the root of the olfactory peduncle and anterior to the anterior perforated space of the base of the brain.
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