olfactory striae

ol·fac·to·ry stri·ae

three distinct fiber bands (stria medialis, stria intermedia, and stria lateralis) that caudally extend the olfactory tract beyond its attachment to the olfactory trigone. The medial olfactory stria [TA] (stria olfactoria medialis [TA]) curves dorsally into the tenia tecta; the intermediate, often barely visible, extends straight back and terminates in the olfactory tubercle; the lateral olfactory stria [TA] (stria olfactoria lateralis [TA]), the largest of the three, passes along the lateral side of the olfactory tubercle, curving laterally as far as the limen insulae, then sharply medially to reach the uncus of the parahippocampal gyrus, where it terminates in the plexiform layer of the olfactory cortex.
See also: medial longitudinal stria.
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