olfactory receptor cells

ol·fac·to·ry re·cep·tor cells

very slender nerve cells, with large nuclei and surmounted by 6-8 long, sensitive cilia in the olfactory epithelium at the roof of the nose; they are the receptors for smell.

ol·fac·to·ry re·cep·tor cells

(ōl-fak'tŏr-ē rĕ-sep'tŏr selz)
Very slender nerve cells, with large nuclei and surmounted by six to eight long, sensitive cilia in the olfactory epithelium at the roof of the nose; they are the receptors for smell.


Max Johann, German histologist and zoologist, 1825-1874.
comma bundle of Schultze - a compact bundle composed of descending branches of posterior root fibers located near the border between the fasciculi gracilis and cuneatus of the cervical and thoracic spinal cord. Synonym(s): comma tract of Schultze; semilunar fasciculus
comma tract of Schultze - Synonym(s): comma bundle of Schultze
Schultze cells - Synonym(s): olfactory receptor cells
Schultze membrane - the specialized olfactory receptive area. Synonym(s): region of olfactory mucosa
Schultze sign - in latent tetany, tapping the tongue causes its depression with a concave dorsum. Synonym(s): tongue phenomenon
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Cognitive neuroscientists say smell plays a powerful role in physical attraction because "when inhale a scent, it goes to the olfactory receptor cells at the top our nose then travels to the brain's limbic system which controls memory, emotion and resulting in chemical and physical stimulation.
The cultivated cells contained several typical olfactory receptors, which are proteins that bind together smell molecules and are located on olfactory receptor cells lining the nose.
Responses of a population of antennal olfactory receptor cells in the female moth Manduca sexta to plant-associated volatile organic compounds.
Inspector "Roger Lapin" from the WYP SSMU (Special Small Mammals Unit) said: "Rabbits are scientifically proven to be able to sniff out drugs as they have 100 million olfactory receptor cells, and they can run very quickly, making short work of chasing suspects.
We know that DEET deters blood feeding by interactions with olfactory receptor cells," Dickens says.
Single odors differentially stimulate dual second messenger pathways in lobster olfactory receptor cells.
In early reports, there was confusion in the identification of the receptor cells, but it has confirmed that both ciliated and microvillus cells are the olfactory receptor cells in the teleosts.
Together, the findings demonstrate that Ggamma13 is essential for mammals to smell odors and extend the current understanding of how olfactory receptor cells communicate information about odors to the brain.
It is well known that olfactory receptor cells and the granular cells of the olfactory bulb can regenerate.
Although scientists have yet to pin down any biological basis for cigarette smokers' impaired performance on the smell test, Doty says he suspects that certain chemicals in tobacco smoke, such as acrolein, acetaldehyde, ammonia and formaldehyde, damage the olfactory receptor cells in the nose.
These receptors are located on the olfactory receptor cells, which occupy a small area in the upper part of the nasal epithelium and detect the inhaled odorant molecules.
Responses of olfactory receptor cells of spiny lobsters to binary mixtures.